Digital Painting Sleepy Dog and PinkGlasses

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dog (000).jpg

Digital Painting Sleepy Dog and PinkGlasses

hello friends , Digital art of an sleepy dog and a pink sun glasses with heart frame ,i think this dog was so relax and cool so i chose this image for my digital painting , I want to show you process of my work ,i paint his pillow with green color
i hope you enjoy to watch my painting


Free Image i Use

The Sleepy Dog



let's start

i draw lines with a normal hard brush and then color it in other layers ,
i add colors on separated layers and the main layer in the drawing at the top , and added background in the last steps of my work

dog pink glasses(457).jpg

dog pink glasses(458).jpg

dog pink glasses(459).jpg


coloring the Bee on the flower

i color all the body with brown and add other colors on other layers

dog pink glasses(460).jpg

dog pink glasses(461).jpg

dog pink glasses(462).jpg

dog pink glasses(463).jpg

dog pink glasses(464).jpg

dog pink glasses(465).jpg

dog pink glasses(466).jpg


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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