A Deer , Digital Painting

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deer (457).jpg

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Digital Painting , Deer

hello friends , the painting of a nice Deer , they look so beautiful , everyone who see them in person is lucky , they are so shy and wonderful animals , I chose this nice picture to my digital painting , I am at work most of time but i also paint and don't forget it because i like it
i hope you enjoy to watch my painting


Free Image i Use

The Nice Deer



let's start

i draw lines with a normal hard brush and then color it in other layers ,
i add colors on separated layers and the main layer in the drawing at the top , and added background in the last steps of my work

deer (458).jpg

deer (468).jpg


coloring the Deer

i color all the body with brown and add other colors on other layers

deer (459).jpg

deer (460).jpg

deer (461).jpg

deer (462).jpg

deer (463).jpg

deer (464).jpg

deer (465).jpg

deer (466).jpg

deer (467).jpg

deer (456).jpg

deer (457).jpg


thanks for watching , wish you a wonderful day ! ! :)

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