Peace & Why is it Important to Make Peace with yourself?

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Hey Guys;

Let's talk about peace today. Peace is all that you need to have if you are looking for sound rest/relaxation. If peace is missing, I'm sure you cannot be at rest no matter how much money you may be having. Hence; Peace is very critical and imperative in our life. Think of Peace; think of success, think of harmony, think of love, and think of all positive things around you in your life.


Yes!! We are humans and Yes!! We make mistakes.

Does this sentence resonate with you? Yes!! Right. We all try our best to be good to others and try hard to help other people around us. But at times things don’t work as we have perceived. Life is a roller coaster ride, during our course of life, we do a lot of things and at times end up doing things which we truly regret or feel ashamed of.

That's normal, and it happens!! The most important thing however is that we make peace with ourselves. If we do not take time to do so, we are sure to regret it for long and this regret can at times take a toll on our health and wellbeing.

It is very crucial to accept yourself with our imperfections and have great compassion towards our own selves. In the race of being nice and generous to others, we tend to forget to take care of the “Me” within and we go really hard on our own self.

Self Forgiveness is the Key:

When it comes to making peace with Yourself… the first and foremost thing that comes to my mind is forgiveness. Right from our childhood, we are taught to forgive others. But have you thought of forgiving your own self? To make peace with yourself it is important to tell yourself that you were trying and things did not work out, and it's ok. We cannot do everything just the way we wanted it. Things take the course as per destiny.

Self-forgiveness if very crucial when it comes to making peace with yourself. Just like you forgive others, please take time to love yourself and tell yourself that you are a human and you tend to make mistakes.

However, the most important thing here is to learn your lesson. Learn from the incident what you could have done better, or how you could have tweaked your reply a little, so as to have a milder impact.

Keep it Simple!! Apologize:

The second thing and the easier way to make peace with yourself is to apologize. Probably its been years since that incident took place and it is still terrifying you. You still have sleepless nights, replaying the same incident again and again in your mind. Trust me!! If not now this repenting is going to cost you your health in the long run.

How about collecting all your courage and facing the person and apologize directly. Yes!! You made a blunder and you still repent it, probably that person will not forgive you immediately. But chances are he/she will think about it later and might forgive you.


Try Out!! If you have done something really bad to someone, go ahead and apologize, you will feel a lot better. There have been cases where a simple apology was able to rectify deteriorating health conditions. This can really help you make peace with yourself because now you know that at least you have admitted that you did a mistake.

Stop Thinking!! too Much...

It is easier said than done “Stop Thinking”. Agreed!! But if there is a scenario where you can now do nothing about it. No matter how hard you try you will not be able to change the circumstance. Then the only way left is to stop thinking about it.

Probably I should have done it like this…
Maybe I should have said this… oR
Maybe I should have not done that and should have said YES.. And what Not...

Just stop fixing in your mind that You should have done all the things right. We as humans can make mistake and it's absolutely fine And should be OK.

What is done is done and cannot be altered now. Better is to start thinking of how to make things and scenarios more positive. Take every opportunity to help and make peace with yourself. The best way to practice peace with yourself if to divert your focus towards acceptance, love, and gratitude.

The most important thing however is to do positive self talk, focus your attention on what you're thinking and saying to yourself. The future is full of opportunities for you. It is waiting for you to come and grab it. But these regrets, these negative self-talks of which you cannot do anything are pulling you back.

Practice positive self-talk, take responsibility for your actions, and move on in life. That is how life is lived and learned.

I hope, I was able to convey the message of making Peace with yourself first. When you realize that there is something missing and you don't find yourself at rest than its high time that we need to think of Peace and that too with yourself FIRST... And then Others.

Stay Happy & Healthy...

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how are you dear friend @gungunkrishu good afternoon
Beautiful post, you have touched on a very interesting topic, the words you have included are key to improving people's quality of life
Paz, excuse me, this last one that seemed so simple, is very difficult to implement.
I really appreciate that you touched on this topic and shared your thoughts on it.
have a beautiful sunday

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