ForFuN:: My Son Laksh - ReMiX SonG- CutiT & Eat iT

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Hey All;

It's Weekend & we all at home were trying to make lyrics for a song. Just for FuN. And after some hit n trial, we just gave it up. As we were not able to rhyme the song properly. My son did not give it up and finally did come up with this ReMiX SonG- CutiT & Eat

Remix cutit laksh.png

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Check this ReMix Song made by my son Laksh. This is his own creativity and the lyrics of the song are made by him alone.. Wonderful Song Cut it & Eat it Remix...

Laksh- ReMiX - CutiT & Eat iT - Song

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I guess you can share it on rising star too.


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