Chill Out Steel tongue drum

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Hi guys! This is my first try to record my new steel tongue drum. I highly recommend listening with headphones.

This is a very unusual instrument and needs an unusual approach :) This recording was made with a pickup, but it is better to record with a microphone. The pickup was unable to pick up the full range of the instrument and too emphasized the stick strike.

Later I will write an article about the EQ features of this instrument and some of my research on it.

If you have experience of recording tank drums, let me know :) I will be glad to share experiences as well )


Wow it's a beautiful sound, really really nice.

Thank you!

Interesting instrument.


Han drum or Hang drum these are more known as mate so add it as a tag, such beautiful sounds :)

Thanks! I think you need this too) This is a very light musical instrument, but it will probably help you raise more money.

I've stopped now with street life and maybe do one more winter with the street magerzines if the plandemic permits! But I will be in the nature full time quite soon to construct freedom 😉

Interesting! What will you do in nature? How long do you plan to be there?

I'll be visiting Liberstad, and already we have mutual friends which helps! Hoping to go work construction for the place and get paid in thier own crypto to buy a plot there.. Maybe you didn't see or read that I got my crypto stolen?

Stole !? How? I was just absent for a long time. What happened?

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Yes. I wish I could here the instrument more but still interesting. Glad to see you enjoying the new instrument.

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I love these tank drums. Love the combo of hand drums with steel drum.