Life and Hive is About Patience

in GEMS3 months ago

I was outside fishing tonight with a new lure that a neighbor suggested and was having no luck. After almost an hour or two I had only had one nibble and it was getting dark. I was getting ready to go in and saw some swirls in the water so decided to walk slowly along the shore and drag my bait behind me.

I saw two swirls up ahead and decided that was where I would stop walking and head inside. After I got a little past where I saw the first swirl I felt my lure get hit and a few seconds later a fish jump out of the water.

I’m not going to lie it scared me a bit as I probably hit the fish with my lure. As I got to the second spot I decided to stand for a bit and after a few minutes I got a bite but never hooked it.


Quick to Give Up

It’s at that point I could have just gone inside. There were other things I needed to do before going to bed and probably should have just packed it in.

I wonder how many people on YouTube or Hive decide to quit writing just before they get noticed. They give up on video 99 when their hundredth video was going to go viral and put them on the path to making a living off creating videos.

Their is a story that talks about a person who sells everything to try and strike it rich mining gold in California. He finds a little gold, but never strikes it rich, but gives up and runs out of money just before he strikes it rich.

Striking it Rich

The reason we know this is because the person who he sold the plot and the tools to hired a geologist to see if he had a good investment. The geologist told the new person that it appeared the mine stopped a few feet short of a fault line and that there was a very good chance their was gold on the other side.


You see I had a neighbor that told me exactly what to fish with, where, and when and I was about to stop a few feet short. I saw some swirls a few feet over and decided to make one last class and what do you know I caught a fish!

The picture above is one I caught a few weeks ago because it was too dark to get a good picture with the bass I caught, but it was still an awesome way to end the night.

If you enjoy writing don’t give up on Hive. It’s an awesome place to share your thoughts and if you spend enough time on here working to make the place better you will get noticed and eventually start earning a decent amount for your exceptional content.

Just stick with it and it will all be worth it in the end. After all if you enjoy what you’re doing is it even really working?