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I know I'm a little late to the game, but after writing my post yesterday about just getting started, I figured now was as good of a time as any to go ahead and knock out my introduce myself post. So without further delay here is my "introduce myself" to the Hive Blockchain post. Looking forward to sharing a little more about myself.

I'm in desperate need of a haircut

Work History

I spent 4 years going to McNeese State University and got my Mechanical Engineering Degree, with a minor in Math, after surviving 2 hurricanes. The first hurricane was Rita and caused the school to be shut down for about a month the fall of my Freshman year and Ike that hit the fall of my senior year, which only delayed school for few days to a week.

Go sports team of college I went to!

Then graduating in the Spring of 2009 was terrible as it was toward the beginning of the great recession which caused me about 9 months to find my first job, which was for a chemical company down in South Texas. There I spent about 3 years in "reliability" as a maintenance engineer and 1 year as the reliability and maintenance leader for one of the largest units on site.

After meeting my now wife, we moved up to North West Indiana where I spent 5 years working at an integrated Steel Mill as an improvement engineer, maintenance engineer, and reliability engineer. It was an interesting experience, to say the least, working within a union environment and glad to say I made it out without having to deal with a union strike.


To present-day, I'm working as a fixed equipment engineer with another chemical company as a bolted flange "specialist" and working on implementing ASME PCC-1. I've been here a little over 6 months now and it's a unique half union half non-union environment were I'm just trying to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Family and Hobbies

As I stated earlier I met my now wife down in South Texas where I was working. She likes to joke that our relationship started off as I lie as I may have stretched the truth to get work to come work for the company I was working for at the time. We ended up moving closer to her family after her mom passed away a few years after we met to NW Indiana.

Friend in the middles wedding

6 months after moving there we found out my wife was pregnant with our first and a few years later we decided to get married at a small venue with close family and friends a few years after that. As my old boss liked to remind me we enjoyed doing things a little bit backward. One thing we found out a few months later is that our daughter was probably at the wedding as well because my wife was probably a few weeks pregnant at the time of our wedding.

So my wife and I have been married almost 3 years and we have a son that will be 5 in September and our daughter just turned 2. We just bought a brand new home and are enjoying living by a small pond in an active community that seems to be growing every month with some kids around the same age as ours.

Me #10 highschool soccer team 2005

My passion for most of my life has always been Soccer. When I lived in Victoria I would make it to at least 1 Houston Dynamo game a year for the MLS. I don't know if it's really a "hobby", but I've also enjoyed researching and finding new ways to earn money on the side. Some of it has been more successful than others, and I think Steem/Hive has been the most successful so far.

I'm definitely not an avid outdoorsman, but I will never pass up a chance to go hunting, fishing, golfing, or almost anything outside. I'm a bit of a reader but it is pretty hit or miss on what if anything I'm reading at a certain time, and enjoy learning as much as I can about crypto.


I'm not sure when or how I first heard about Bitcoin, but it was around 5 years ago now and started earning my first Bitcoin through the Bitcointalk forum and Bitcoin faucets. It wasn't much, but it got me started in the space learning how to send Bitcoin to different addresses and to eventually started my own Dogecoin faucet, as well as earning altcoins through faucets and tips on Reddit as well.


After realizing I was pretty much breaking even with my faucet and seeing how I was only making a few dollars a day through the faucet and didn't have enough crypto to trade yet, I took a break for a few years. It wasn't until I saw the price of Bitcoin climbing in the news again that I started playing around with Bitcoin again. I decided to lend some Bitcoin out via BTCjam and I think I ended up breaking even their as well and started learning how to trade alts on Bittrex.

After I was entirely in alts and Bitcoin continued to climb due to the halving and the Bitcoin Cash and other forks going on, I stopped trading as I was about 70 - 90 % down from the amount of Bitcoin I started with. After waiting for 6 months, when the alt season started, I was beginning to make profits on my altcoin purchases and started writing on Steem somewhere at this time.


Sometime in June will be my 3 years in the Steem/Hive space and I have to admit it has gone by way too fast. I managed to become a dolphin at the beginning of the year and was earning about 500 Steem a month up until all the drama started to happen and put a little pause in my growth, but I'm back . . . well been back since HIVE was started.

I can't wait to continue my Steem journey on Hive and to continue to share my passions and help to promote the platform on Twitter, my friends, as well as any other places that I can. I love the dapps that are making the transition so far and can't wait to check out the new ones that will be developed for Hive and move from other blockchains.

@gniksivart #hiveisalive


Nice introduction!

Great Intro!

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Thanks for the feature! I'm hoping, this won't be the last time!

wow man very lovely introduction and quite impressive hand artwork in first photo am just thinking about your crypto journey and started to understand the blockchain well i have one question what happend if you heared bitcoin in year 2013 what first thing will you do please let me know between really enjoy your introduction post

A lot of people heard about Bitcoin in 2013 and just ignored it or bought some and forgot about it and then lost their wallet. We can't change the past.

I don't know what I would have done in 2013 hearing about Bitcoin, but I do know that as of right now I am slowly accumulating a little each month regardless of the price.

Lovely story, I really like the picture of the two of you in the middle of nature, really nice

Yeah we really looked out and our photographer did a great job for a reasonable price at the last minute.

Good to see you around here too! I have to say it's still a little getting used to for me but that's because I haven't been online much the last two months (which is very weird on its own), and also moved house so when I tried to read up on all the happenings a few weeks ago, all this stuff happened, and was happening while I didn't have a clue! Only a while ago I was on Steem almost full time, and all of a sudden there was a sale, a takeover and a split to Hive! We'll get over that eventually LOL (even my kids are saying it's weird not to hear me talk about Steem...). Anywho...I'm writing a book now, and was going to write a post.
Great introduction!

Thanks, sounds like we're kind of in a similar situation. I was actually getting quite active again when the split happened so it did take a lot of wind out of my sails as we were all trying to defend our blockchain.

It's good to be back and posting again and sometimes you just gotta ignore the drama and focus on building your following on the platform! It's hard, but for me at least, keeps me focused on what's important.

I like personal posts such as these. I find myself getting bored by technical aspects of cryptocurrencies, and saddened by worsening COVID-19 conditions. Showing the "real you" on the Internet is prone to negative reactions even though nothing is really wrong with the post, but you are still here sharing your personal life and making users happy with something new. We hope nobody "throws mud" at you. Here I am, trying my best to remain anonymous.

I followed you (the author) and liked this post.


Most if not all the pictures I pulled off my own Facebook account. I don't post as many pictures on Facebook as I used to, because it seems like you never know nowadays, but glad you enjoyed it!

O and thanks for the follow and like!

Welcome to the the community @gniksivart, I hope you enjoy your stay in hive blockchain and germs community.

Thanks, I think I will enjoy the germs community very much.

Hola, me agrado tu historia en este post.


What an awesome introduction, @gniksivart! It is a pleasure to know you, and I look forward to reading your articles. Yes, my friend #hiveisalive!
Stay safe and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks for the kind and thoughtful comment. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hello @gniksivart and great introduction post !

Not so "new to STEEM" but as all of us new to HIVE.

Great to see you back :)

It's great to be back and thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

Hi welcome . I am also new to hive . But I think I love Hive more .

Thanks! I joined Steem back in 2017 of June, but haven't made my Hive introduction post yet and figured it was overdue!

Welcome to Hive! At least you been here. Some are only now joining in on the fun going on here.

Yeah, I figured my introduction post was a bit overdue. I feel like I'm still in the transition process and ignoring the boxes sitting in that room I never use anyways.

Hello, @gniksivart, welcome to Hive! From your intro it looks like you enjoy getting the best out of life. It's great to see another former steemian. See you around, take care.

Definitely wasn't the first Steemian and confident I won't be the last :D

Hello @gniksivart,

Welcome to the HIVE!

Glad to see you continuing your blogging experience over here.

Yeah, it definitely seems like this is the place to be!

Welcome abroad! I'm sure you will enjoy your stay and ride on the blockchain! :)

Hoping it's an even better 3 years compared with the last 3!

Welcome buddy. You are a good writer. Even I can't even write few lines about myself. Ha ha ha.

You can go look at my introduction post on

It took me 3 years of writing and I still feel like I am a terrible writer, but it's just something you have to practice as much as you can.

Before long you'll be writing entire stories without even trying.



welcome bro

Thank you bro!

Welcome, welcome!

Thank you, thank you!

Hi @gniksivart.

It's such a beautiful blog; It's an interesting journey. Life is really fun.

You're welcome to #hive and please send my greetings to your lovely family.

Will do. What part of the journey do you feel was the most interesting?

Hello all, nice to meet you. I'm new here, can you help me? Thanksyou

Sure what do you need?

First, i need a friend 😊


Hi Welcome Hive
Can We be Friends ?

Sure, what was the most interesting part of my story?

It's good to have you on hive. Your presence is appreciated!

Your presence is appreciated as well!

Welcome to hive

Thank you!



Nice post!!


Welcome to Hive. Glad to know you joined Steemit about the same time as me. Enjoy the ride.

Thanks, I've definitely enjoyed the ride so far!

People are getting hair cuts, even right now. They go to people's houses.

Yeah I know, we just moved to a new town so still trying to get all the normal contacts, such as cutting hair.

Nice introduction. Welcome on hive.


welcome to hive ☺️👍

Thanks, it has been a lot of fun so far!

Welcome @gniksivart. Thats an elaborate introduction. Lets build a brand together

Thanks, I've enjoyed building my brand on here so far, it has definitely been rewarding.