Did my part as a Nigerian youth wanting a country without the fear of being killed by the police || #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY #ENDSARS

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Hello my fellow hivians,

Good afternoon to you all. For the past few days my heart has been bleeding. I couldn’t even work or get my thoughts together. The brutality and the killings in my country by the Nigerian police has reached its peak. Youths are being killed everyday. Youths kept being maltreated and extorted daily by those meant to protect us yet the government kept mute and said nothing. Whenever I see them on the road I became afraid for my life. And the time has come whereby the youths said enough is enough. Protest has been going on all over the nation for these criminal division called SARS to be ended. Just imagine those protesting peacefully are still being killed, beaten and maltreated.

The government thought we are fools and they sent the IG of police to tell us that they have been banned. Those set of people that are banned are still on the streets maltreating people. For goodness sake this is bad.


Therefore this morning when I learnt a protest has been organizing my state I had to go. Even against the warnings of my family not to go due to the fact that we might be maltreated by the police, I still went. I can’t stay home and have peace in my mind. So I went out and protest for my self, for those that had lost their lives and for my future children. #Endsarsnow #Sarsmustend #Endpolicebrutality

Please if you are on any social media especially twitter and you see any tweet with the hashtags #Endsars please retweet it. And you can also make a simple tweet with that hashtag. People are dying in Nigeria. Youths are being killed in Nigeria. Parents are loosing their children. Please do not ignore, lending your voice will go a long way. Thank you.