BLOGGING CHALLENGE Part III If money wasn't a problem, where in the world would you live? And why?

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Dinero , dinero aveces una bendición , otras un dolor de cabeza , oh bueno el dolor de cabeza son ¡las deudas! .Recuerdo que un día leí en uno de mis libros de metafísica algo que decía mas o menos así : "No es que algo sea barato o sea caro, es que tu no tienes es que tu no tienes el dinero suficiente" y eso de inmediato hizo un cambio en mi, me di cuenta de que nada era imposible, y que el dinero simplemente había que ganárselo honestamente.

Money, money sometimes a blessing, sometimes a headache, oh well the headache is debts! I remember one day I read in one of my metaphysics books something that said more or less like this: "It is not that something is cheap or expensive, it is that you do not have enough money" and that immediately made a change in me, I realized that nothing was impossible, and that money simply had to be earned honestly.


Pero respondiendo a la pregunta del post ¿Donde viviría , si el dinero no fuese un problema?... una pregunta nada fácil de responder pues en el mundo hay sitios maravillosos para vivir... no puedo dejar de pensar en un sitio cercano a la playa.

But answering the question of the post, where would I live, if money were not a problem... a question not easy to answer because there are wonderful places in the world to live... I can't help but think of a place near the beach.


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De hecho recuerdo que desde muy joven decía que quería pasar mis últimos años de vida en Grecia , amo la comida mediterránea, el mar y el bagaje histórico de este país. Ademas estoy un poco obsesionada con los Dioses griegos, me encantan sus historias y la manera particular en la explican los eventos de la vida.

In fact I remember when I was very young I used to say that I wanted to spend the last years of my life in Greece, I love the Mediterranean food, the sea and the historical background of this country. I am also a bit obsessed with the Greek Gods, I love their stories and the particular way they explain the events of life.


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!Grecia seria mi lugar!

Greece would be my place!

¡Hasta la próxima, un abrazo!



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But that question is for today and not for the past if it was over the past I would have a lot of wishes because it wasn't good anyway thank you let me think I would have to listen where it is never too cold and never too hot and I'd love to live by a river or a clean lake with lots of trees there it smells of forest

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