BLOGGING CHALENGE Part II What is hate? 😥

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Del odio al amor se dice que solo hay un paso… Pero realmente ¿esto es verdad? En algunos casos creo que si. Para mí el odio es todo lo contrario al amor, y que lo peor de todo es el hecho de que es un sentimiento que realmente le pesa y maltrata al que lo siente es como vivir en un laberinto sin salida.

From hate to love, it is said that there is only one step... But is this really true? In some cases I think so. For me hate is the opposite of love, and that the worst thing is the fact that it is a feeling that really weighs down and mistreats the one who feels it is like living in a labyrinth with no exit.


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Afortunadamente puede sentirme libre de este sentimiento, lo he evitado toda mi vida, no le veo sentido y como mencione anteriorme creo que es mas el daño que siente uno mismo que lo que realmente le puedes hacer a la persona que te lo produce. Me gusta pensar que todo pasa por algo y todo tiene un porque.

Fortunately I can feel free of this feeling, I have avoided it all my life, I don't see any sense in it and as I mentioned before I think it is more the damage you feel yourself than what you can really do to the person who produces it. I like to think that everything happens for a reason.


Aunque como sentimiento me parece totalmente valido, es bueno reconocerlo si se siente para a partir de allí tomar una decisión bien sea de seguir con el o liberarse del mismo, a pesar de todo siento que es algo muy personal y esta en cada quien ver en que invierte sus energías después de todo recordemos que la vida es un boomerang y todo lo que deseamos al otro siempre nos devuelve y mayormente multiplicado.

Although as a feeling it seems to me totally valid, it is good to recognize it if you feel to take a decision from there either to continue with it or to free yourself from it, in spite of everything I feel that it is something very personal and it is in each one to see in that it invests its energies after everything let us remember that the life is a boomerang and everything what we wish to the other always returns to us and mainly multiplied.

¡Hasta la próxima, un abrazo!



I do understand your point, and celebrate your kindness, compassion and empathy, it shows you are a good and decent person!

But, I respectfully disagree that hate is the opposite of love.

I think that apathy, the complete absence of all feelings and overwhelming disinterest in everything, is the opposite of love.

Love and Hate are different sides of the same coin, they are siblings.

Both love and hate are passionate emotions, intense emotions. As with all passionate emotions they can become the basis for abuse. Passionate love, carried too far, can become possessive or jealous. Passionate hate misdirected at self or another can become an act of self-destruction or murder.

Hate is a naturally occurring emotion, which in my opinion, has been warped into something unnatural by social, political and economic forces. Natural hatred can be warped by turning it inwards, it becomes self hate; or hate can be warped by using scapegoats to blame every perceived problem on the scapegoat figure.

I have watched Donald Trump use immigrants in America as a scapegoat, to hijack the minds of many Americans for political power, yet what I really think Trump's supporters hate is their own restrictions and obstacles in life (and sadly their hate of immigrants blocks them from taking responsibility for their lives, and taking action to make changes happen). I have watched the power of self-hate destroy my best friend who committed suicide in 2017.

We all hate restriction, we all hate obstacles that block our will from being realized. This is the natural, healthy purpose of hate -- to give us power to overcome obstacles. Every vaccine, treatment, and cure developed was due to the hatred of illness and death. Agriculture was developed out of hatred of hunger. Laws and governments were developed because we hate chaos and violence. Education institutions were born from a hatred of ignorance and stupidity. Orphanages were created out of a hatred of seeing the suffering of innocent children. Virtually everything good in the world was built by harnessing the power of hatred.

I know that the word "hate" is so filled with so many different meanings for so many different people that it will seem like I am advocating for evil. I am not. I am suggesting that we all learn to harness the normal, natural power of hatred of restriction and obstacles, in order to live our best lives.

Do not misunderstand me, I greatly "hate" racism, prejudice, bigotry, and oppression. I think racism, prejudice, bigotry and oppression are forces that restrict, bind, block, confound the human race from reaching its highest potential, and I hate the fact that we as the human race waste so much precious mental energy, I hate our underachievement mentality and petty squabbles.