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RE: Merry Christmas, Dear Hivers | Cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You By @manujune

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Hey June, I'm pleased we met and connected and it's been a pleasure to interact with you over the year. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, your involvement in various concepts I've started and of course, for being a great hiver all around.

Your voice...Hives little songbird for sure I'd say, and that smile? #bestonhive

I love how you show gratitude and respect, rare in one so young, and I also feel happy to see how genuinely thankful you are to Henrry. It speaks highly of you that you do so.

Thank you for sharing this song, for your efforts all year and here's to a great 2021!


Hello, Mr. KP 😁🎄

It's been a pleasure to interact with you too! I've become a great hiver thanks to the support everyone I tagged has given me.

I love how you show gratitude and respect, rare in one so young...

Yeah... It's sad that most of my contemporaries, at least here in my country, respect no one... That's why I always tell my parents the great job they did raising me, HAHAHA...
I like being respectful, I think it is something really important.

And that smile? #bestonhive

Haha, thank you! My hobby is smiling, so I'm glad at least I look good while I do it.

I'm super glad you liked it! I hope this 2021 is full of blessings to everyone!

HUGS! June 💜

Haha, smiling is your hobby...Well, I can think of no better hobby than that, although in truth I probably don't smile enough. 😐 😂

Yeah, besides making life more fun, smiling is psycologically healthy. If you don't you should smile more. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile to that smart man every morning... You'll see it will make the day shinier 😁
In my case, I smile to the sky every morning 😂

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I don't like what I see. Smiling makes it worse. It's not always that way though, so, I'll take your advice.