Did you know there's SteemWorld for Hive now?

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This may not be news to you... but it certainly was to me when I found out a few minutes ago. SteemWorld, probably the most used stats website from steem is now on Hive too, but it's rebranded as BeeMe.


If you prefer this tool you can find it at https://beeme.icu/?account=your_account

UPDATE: An important point made by @erikah in the comments, we don't know yet who runs the code, so avoid entering any private keys on the site!

From what I can see from briefly checking it out, it is exactly like steemworld, apart from the theme color (and the domain of course).

To be honest, it is too much red in BeeMe for my own taste, I prefer cooler colors, or non-colors, but it is the main color on the Hive logo, which I love.

From what I remember there was too much red in hive.blog too when it launched, now I see it's much attenuated and I like it.

Before steemworld was ported to Hive and renamed as BeeMe (as far as I know), Leo also created its own stats site. Very clean as we are used with their design. If you haven't checked their site you should take a look:


Nice to see Steem World ported also to HIVE. I was an intensive user back in the STEEM days, and I was missing it...

Yep, I also used it a lot. It would be useful to know who runs it now, as it doesn't seem to be @steemchiller.

I'm using it for awhile and it seems ok, just be careful, not to use your keys here as we don't know who's behind it. Better safe than sorry.

Good point! It is important to know who owns it now. The owner of the domain is protected via a service based in the US.

You have jinxed it as it's not working since you posted 😁

Yeah, I noticed... I guess it wasn't ready for being showed to larger audiences, like a big community? Sorry if I contributed to quickly testing the limitations on hosting, most likely.

No worries, it's not your fault. People have been posting about this weeks ago 🙂

People have been posting about this weeks ago

Lol, this out of the loop am I? :D

Your link to hive.blog goes to PeakD when I read it there. Is PeakD editing links?

Test link to a post on Hive Blog, test link to a post on PeakD.

Edit: Yes, the original links are intact on Hive Blog, but PeakD displays links to itself in both cases. This is useful when you want to stay on the same platform. I may have missed the announcement.

The Beeme site is offline, by the way. Maybe they underestimated the required capacity.

Interesting... Haven't noticed that. Yes, makes sense for staying on the same platform (which would be most cases probably), but not if your intention is to show a link on the other platform.

Leofinance also added that same abilities to their platform.


In the next couple weeks, they will be adding the Hive-Engine tokens to the site also.

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Yes, and I like hivestats especially for its clean design. Obviously the information is useful and filled a need.

Yes I checked BeeMee last night and it told me "ouch"! I better chill on voting or lower my percentage! 🤣

I'm not sure where that can be seen nor can I look now because it seems the site is down.

You are right. I justed checked and site is down for maintenance. Under construction.

You can also check your voting Mana by going to your profile and then tools on PeakD.com.

Actually it's much simpler on PeakD. All you have to do is hover with your mouse cursor a little below your username in the top-right corner of PeakD. Two bars + tooltip will be displayed showing your voting mana (and downvoting mana). Like in this image:

Oh yes good tip. I have honestly barely been on my laptop browsing or writing on HIVE. For whatever reason I prefer the mobility of my cellphone. I can sit outside in the sun and enjoy. Of course if I sat down to write a long in depth post, I'd switch to laptop.

That sounds so good, especially during these times... :)

It's one of the joys of living in Southern California. We sure pay for it.

Very nice to meet you. I have you on follow now too. 😁👍

It was good talking to you too!