Day 26 of 100 Days Posting Challenge: "A golden light along the horizon"

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I'm already loving this day just by looking at the horizon. It's such a masterpiece!


Now, is a good day to have a walk with Kuku, our newly acquired dog. It's her 2nd day with us and so she's having anxiety in this new environment that we brought her in. Us giving her a walk is allowing her to adjust and also for her to trust us and the people around her. So far, it's been very effective for her. She's more relaxed compared to when she first arrived.

Here are some of the pics of her walk today.



Blurt Talk

Some of you might be wondering why our rewards have been shrinking or decreasing each day in the past few weeks. I noticed this event 3 weeks ago because it has been decreasing fast and furious. I even read discussions in Blurt Discord on what seems to be the cause of this event. Some are suggesting price increase and or more active users. I also thought of these as the cause of the decreasing reward until I read this post:

Why Have My BLURT Rewards Fallen Recently?

It was authored by @rycharde.

In his post, a thorough explanation about the cause of the decreasing rewards have debunked all of the inaccurate assumptions being made by others (me included).

I actually thought that the decrease in rewards is due to the increase of active BP upvoting content. It may have caused a decrease in rewards but it was just a tiny speck in comparison to the major reason.

Basically, the decrease in rewards is due to the decrease of the Reward Pool. Again, I encourage you to go and check on this post.

Rest assured that the decrease in rewards is something to be expected at this point in time and should be expected in the next days to come.