Day 24 of 100 Days Posting Challenge: "A new undertaking"

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A day from now we will be the one to take care of a dog and bring her in to our home. This shouldn't have been possible since we live in a condo development where pets are not allowed. It's a horrible rule but I guess there's no way to talk to the management to give us a special treatment and allow us to keep a pet into our house.

Anyway, we found way to talk to the residence next to us and gave us a small space next to their shed where we can put the house of our dog. It's not a fancy place but I feel that it's better way since it's just beside our house. Also, we don't have other options and so we just have to do our best to clean the shed and get our dog a nice house for her to be safe.

Today, we are hoping to find a nice house for our dog. Last night, we have been searching online for a doghouse but it seems that all of the options that we found look like a cage which is something that we didn't expect. We are hoping to find something that will look like a decent doghouse, similar to this.

I guess it's something that I should build myself. Unfortunately, I don't have the skill amd time to learn to make this kind of doghouse.

Another option that I'm considering is to retrofit the metal cage and use it as the base to work on the finishing elements of the doghouse. The cage will serve as the structure amd it will be up to us on hiw are we gonna add the painted wood planks until we achieve the look that we want. That's something that I will share to the #blurtdiy tag if this turn out to be successful.