Day 21 of 100 Days Posting Challenge: "And so the heavy rain begins..."

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Last night, I mentioned that there was an announcement about a thunderstorm coming to our city and we didn't really notice until this morning. We can't barely open the windows as the wind is too strong that it will blow all of the rain into our room.

It's a good thing that we are off from work today which means it could be a great day for a movie marathon. But who knows, if this rain will subside we might get a chance to have a nice walk today.


Blurt Talk

Yesterday, I read this interesting blurt by @bitcoingodperson which talk about "not having" a stable coin in the form of Blurt Dollar here in this blockchain. Which beg the question why Blurt isn't trying to peg its value to a Fiat currency (US Dollar)?

Personally, I'm not holding any SBD or HBD in my Steem/Hive wallet which could be a smart or dumb thing to do depending on how Steem or Hive price move. I'm not comfortable comparing the price of Steem against SBD or Hive vs HDB because I prefer simplicity.

That's also the reason why I prefer the token system that is being implemented here in Blurt. In here, we only need to look into 2 types of tokens, the liquid token which is Blurt and the stated token which is the Blurt Power. I believe that this bold move will make it easier for anyone outside of Blurt to understand the economics of this network. It's a lot easier to grasp.

What do Blurtters think about this? Feel free to blurt-it out in the comments below.