Blurt price pump by 36.36% (now at 247 Sats level)

in GEMSlast month

In recent weeks we've seen how the price of Blurt has been trying to break beyond the 200 Sats level and what it seems to be a difficult achievement is now a reality.

Blurt just reached beyond that level and is now priced at 247 Sats!


A few moments ago, I was just looking at the 190 Sats, and everything snaps when someone decided to buy the market selling price in a single "buy button".


This event will definitely bring more attention to the Blurt blockchain and I'm really glad that I took the chance to buy a sizeable amount of Blurt tokens when it was trading at around 60 Sats.

It's a great time to be in Blurt right now!


Nice, thanks for reporting on blurt!! 🚀

I took the liberty to look into your Blurt account and it appears that you were airdropped with a decent amount stake over in that network. Though it seems that you don't have any activity.

If you want you can simply delegate your Blurtpower and I will simply send you a percentage of the curation reward on a weekly basis.

Also, you may choose whether to receive in Blurt or Hive liquid tokens. The conversion will be based on market price.

or if you want to be active in Blurt, that would be great as well.