My Sperkinsvail World

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My Sperkinsvail World


I was so damned excited the day that the key to my very own, very personalized Sperkinsvail Virtual City arrived. It had taken a whopping fourteen months since I’d filled out the setup form which Sperkinsvail technicians used to create my perfect, personal “world.” Just my city existed now, however.

Updates would expand my world past my city over time, but for now, I couldn’t wait to enter my completed city, from whence I would rule all. It might even be more fun this way, having sections of my world coming into being one by one, and they’re already contractually-bound to be under my rule. In my Sperkinsvail World.

The system requires special ear pods, and visuals are created real-time. There isn’t a need for a screen or headset for visuals, as electronic signals activate those areas of brain circuitry delivering situationally-inspired electrical impulses, and creating the scenes we see. Our eyes are all we need, as the program “breaks into” our vision, taking it over.

A neat thing about Sperkinsvail Virtual City, is that, upon entering my city for the first time, my subjects will celebrate. This particular choice was activated as it was one of the custom settings for how the relationship narrative between the ruler and those under the rule of the ruler would begin.


The ruler can set other settings too, e.g., entering a distressed city where the people don’t trust the leader. In this scenario, the new leader would work to win subjects’ trust. Or maybe you’re a mean bastard; you wipe them out and start fresh. I chose the “loyal followers” option, to see how much they’ll take until they’re pissed at me.


Of course it’s possible that they are so devoted to their leader, that it could be next to impossible to cause them to veer from him. I am thinking that testing this situation with my Sperkinsvail World will be extremely interesting.

Some of the other settings I’ve activated, include a modern, technologically-advanced world, but that world is smoothed out with the inclusion of lots of medieval customs, speech, behaviors, etc. A strange but admittedly unique testing ground for Sperkinsvail, Inc.

Upon entering, I was completely blown away. Everything was so real, I could swear that even smells were produced, (to my senses at least), when Bertrand, my confidant, appeared. “I am Bertrand my lord, thine loyal personal confidant, and I giveth thee my oath, that I shall never veer from supporting thy chosen objectives. Hail Free-reign!”

I decided to test him, decreeing all citizens remain, for one month, in their homes, or face torture. Very serious torture. Listening to Phil Collins non-stop for a week. I didn’t think anyone could withstand that much bubblegum. I was right, of course, with most of them exhibiting extreme pain and agony after just two measly hours of those ditsy melodies. Success.

Controlling them should be easy. Such reactions from hearing Phil Collins’ “songs” played endlessly; what would threatening executions produce?

My Sperkinsvail World © free-reign 2020


Thanks for reading!


Sources for images used in this post:

(Public Domain photos are from Wikimedia Commons)

Medieval Scene: Image by Pantxoa / CC BY-SA
User Guide: Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


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I think you will find many line up for execution and hail you as a saviour.

Ah, you're thinking they'd rather avoid the suffering of hearing the ditsy melodies and just go straight to execution instead?

That's probably what I'd do if I were in their shoes. 🤣