Carpe Diem

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Carpe Diem


The artwork was meant to share a message. The elements exposed it. Pristine Mother Earth, both in her glory, and toxicized by men and industry. Everything is created from earth... by man.

The factories and mills are there, obviously polluting the earth; they’re clearly guilty of attempted poisoning. But it’s completely natural; generic actually, when we consider the fact that man and earth are made of the same stuff. The problem is, we’re using it. Planet earth, that is, because the entire time we’ve been here on earth, we’ve gotten both smarter and greedier.

A filthy world, burning up. One arm sporting greenery, representing pristine earth versus the spoiled earth. Just being near the spoiled arm, the clean arm’s fingers became infected. A small infection now, at this point, but it will consume more and more until there will no longer be anything pristine remaining.

Frank’s description of the picture, simply describes what Frank saw. It’s not to suggest you’ll come away thinking he’s super-wise, and can save the world. He is commenting on a work of art, inspired by his book, Elementally Diseased, a best seller. The book’s message is that, if it weren’t for humankind’s existence, all of the earth would still be pristine today.

A conundrum. Humans, mentioned earlier, are made from the same stuff everything else on earth is made of, so if humankind’s acts are destructive, are humans being used by earth to commit suicide?


Earth’s been through some rough times, but I don’t understand why, at such a young age, it would even consider suicide; there doesn’t seem to be a motive. If we, as products of planet earth itself, represent planet earth’s plan for its own demise, how on earth (forgive the silly pun) can we stop it?

Earth seems serious about its plans, confirmed by data suggesting our attempts to stop it are being blocked. In addition to blocking stoppages, it keeps making each generation of humans have even more greediness, so they’ll destroy anything if there’s money to be made.


“Some folks will say that it is,” he answered. Then later on, during a lecture at Harvard, he added, “Without basis,” to his previous statement, mocking those who chose to mock his theory.

If you’re one of many who’ve not heard Frank’s theory, it may keep you awake for a while after your initial exposure. It’s a difficult theory to refute, and Frank thinks that it is being suppressed. “If too many people become aware of our direct connection to earth, you have a huge problem when they realize what’s really happening,” Frank said.

Frank offered further guidance on his theory in 2018 when he declared that, if the burden of greed could be lifted off humanity's back, the suicide plan may be halted. Since his work has been, and is still being, heavily suppressed, the number of people that are even aware of his theory continues to be a very small group.

Seize the day.

Carpe Diem © free-reign 2020


This is my entry to The 31 Sentence Contest Round 23 by @tristancarax. It is a contest based on creating a story with 31 sentences exactly in order, and each sentence has a set number of words to be written. For more information on joining the challenge see this post:

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Carpe Diem: Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay
Contest Prompt: Image by @tristancarax from YouTube video


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"Greed is a collection of all the evils for which there is no cure." - Phatahotep

Will we go out like this? There seems to be far too many greedy people in control at the moment, at least, in America.

I think it relates to the other, similar old saying, "The love of money is the root of all evil." The truth in that statement has been illustrated in real life every day since the time before it was uttered, and all the way to our time today. And it definitely just keeps getting worse.

Greed ruins everything IMO, and greed is what has us where we are today more than anything else. Greed for riches and greed for power, and the greediest Mofos on earth are the ones making things shitty for the rest of us.