At The Moment with my LDR Boyfriend☺☺☺

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Hi Everyone☺☺☺

Have you read the blog of @shikika, about "Single Ladies Since Then"?if not just feel free to visit this link ☺☺☺I ask you this because my blog today is somewhat near to this.Because now that quarantine is all around the world, my relationship life is really like single lady.We meet after a weeks,two weeks or even a month.This situation is for our good.Staying at home is for us to be safe.So it is okay for us to meet like this.
But today I was surprised.My boyfriend is in the house.☺☺☺After two weeks of "long distance relationship or (LDR)" we meet again.☺☺☺To be honest,Im so happy seeing him now.And because of that the both of us decided to advance the celebration of our monthsarry that supposed to be tomorrow.And since our local government announced that we are now in "modified general community quarantine" liquor ban is now lifted.So we bought some drinks and celebrate.Just two bottles of it is enough for us.☺☺☺The important thing is that we see each other.

Take Care everyone.Keep safe always.God Bless.Thank you for your unending support to my blog.

truly yours,



Halagadaw pakahigayon niyo. Maupay ky nakag selebrar pa kamo. Hehehe

Hehehe..para paraan la kuno te😜😂😂


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