Chipmunk (Ink Drawing)

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Hello Steemians. I hope you're all doing great.

Just a while ago, I made this pen drawing of a chipmunk sticking a metal object in it's mouth. The Chipmunks ate known to be eaters of virtually everything eatable. Anf they are seen most times always putting something in their mouth.

I used a ball point pen and pelican paper for this drawing.
Here are my steps;
Firstly, I drew the outline of the chipmunk holding the metal object. I also drew it facial features here.

Next, I began shading and adding details of fur to the chipmunk. I also shaded it's eyes in this stage.

Finally, I kept building the tones and adding fur details to the body for realistic look until I got a satisfactory result.

Thanks for taking your time to read and view my drawing. Enjoy the rest of your day.


this is brilliant
good work

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational post!

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