When trust is lost, the family scatters

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How on earth would someone pretend in a manner which he only regret what he is doing but still keep on to do it. How could a husband unleash such a punishment to a wife for what she did just because she made him nearly loose his mind when there was some misunderstanding between a child she tagged him to be with as the father.


Due to his past acts and how he loved to flirt around with ladies years ago, he thought the kid was his the first time they saw her at their door with a note which reads this is your responsibility now so care for her. The first thing he did was to call his brother who helped him to his the kid so they call up their dad first before they could make any stand.

Sooner than later their dad was in they they asked if she knew anybody some years ago who might have gotten pregnant for him. As surprised as their dad was, he answered that there was no one like that and he asked them if all was okay with them to be asking these strange questions around, but they just said yes.


Now the only place he could think about was about him since he is the only one among the two children of her mom and the only one who happens to have flirted with a lot of ladies around. All he could hear himself say was then the kid might be his. At that instant he kept thinking whom it might be but was left hanging not knowing what to do.

But as they say that nothing stays hidden forever and he man up to call the whole family to inform them of the recent happening around, but the wife never took it easy and asked that it is either he clears himself out or she will be leaving and never to return back again. He pleaded with her up and down but she never listened.

On a very fast forward things got to go on well for him and the real mother of the child came around only for them to know he was not the one and it was rather the one whom every one saw as an angel, was the one whom this note was for. So he then transferred all his anger on his wife and asked that she move out like she said.

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