Are you a vegetarian or not? I'm not, but I want to add vegetarianism to my meals. :mushroom:

in GEMSlast month

I have been at home for almost a year and I rarely go out. Unless something happens to me or I have a purchase.
Even schools are closed and we teach from home.
Because of this, I have gained a few kilos of weight.
I am also lazy in exercising at home and I do not continue.
From today, I decided to eat a small, vegetarian meal for lunch.
I can't do this for dinner because my husband likes high-fat, high-volume fried foods.
I hope this vegetarianism will be fruitful in a few months.
I love mushrooms and carrots.
Fried and raw mushrooms and grilled and steamed mushrooms do not matter, I love them all.
I like carrots, whether cooked or raw.

I ate this plate with desire and pleasure. :blush: