A new fruit .... a new taste .... for me

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This was the first time I saw this fruit.
My mother kept three of these fruits for me.
This fruit has a beautiful and unique appearance.

I did not know what I would see when I cracked the wall of this fruit.
But this wait did not last long. A small sun appeared and I was delighted to see that small sun between these thin curtains.
A small round fruit
In the color of the sun

Opening the heart of this small fruit, I realized how much it looks like a tomato. The tiny seeds inside this fruit were small.

Some of you may be surprised that I have never seen this fruit. The reason is that this fruit is not grown in my country and it has just entered my country. He may have been entering the country for many years, but I had not seen him.
When I tested this fruit, I thought it tasted like mango.

The taste of mango and another fruit was very familiar but I could not remember.
Whatever it was, it was an interesting fruit.
I preferred to look at it to eat it.

Mothers are strange human beings. My mother knew that one of her children had not eaten this fruit yet, so she had kept it for a few days so that she could give it to me every time I went to their house and I would eat it so that she would be relieved.

I love you mama.









I have seen this many times as it is present in our area and it can be found everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

It is an interesting fruit.