A Lot of Hard work || My Workstation || I'm Alive Challenge #9

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Hello dear fellows,
As you now the yesterday there is no post my my side, Its because of the busy moments in the Android Development. I'm sorry for that.
So I just decide to create a general video in which I talk about the yesterday work and some details of the work.
I'm just working on an Android App which is connected to the MySQL database, but the problem here is that the performance of the app is not good enough that handle more users, so we are transferring the database to Google Firebase.
A lot of work I have done yesterday but its not finished yet.
Hope it will be cover soon and come back to @threespeak as old routine.

I'm thankful to @threespeak finding my content good and also thankful to @iamchalleng.
I'm thankful to @russellstockley to put my content in the @thisisawesome list. Thanks to all
Stay Happy Stay Blessed

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best of luck dear, in your work, welcome to hive again back

Good to see you alive :)

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