Study Tips for the Busy Student

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We're about to come up on the break and I wanted to share some of the tips I've picked up that have helped me during my educational journey. Not everything here will work for you, I'm just sharing what works for me, so YMMV.

When ever I have some long, boring text to read, I always break those things up into bite-sized chunks. When I study, it seems I retain the information better if I take frequent breaks throughout the exercise. I'll read a chapter, or even part of one, then go do something else. When I return, it's fresh and so am I.

If you were smearing booty-cream on Kim Kardashian's fake-ass asscheeks, you wouldn't do it quickly and all at once, right? You'd lovingly caress each plump, bulbous mound of prime gluteus maximus, while surreptitiously working your way into her clammy nether regions. Then BOOM! you just hit the jackpot!

That's how I approach studying.

It's true that writing things down helps you to remember them. However, when I'm short on time, I'll actually *write* down only the very key points as I'm reading them onscreen. This has saved my bacon countless times, while helping me to recall that odd factoid during a very important exam. Nothing feels better than when you can turn that expected "C" into a bright and shiny new "A" grade.

Recording lectures and listening to audiobooks at an increased speed allows me to learn faster while doing something around the house or just taking a hike in the park. I find that doing things at lest twice, before taking a break and coming back to do it again, really helps me to recall it when I need to. Some students will just plow through a chapter once, which in my experience, isn't enough to retain all of the information.

Next up, we come to study times. Our Instructors always say never study right before a test. Poppycock. I do it all the time, but with a twist. I spread my times out in the weeks before the exam date and then have a last burst the day before, then study right up before I head to campus. That constant reinforcing works wonders, while allowing me time to do other things in my life, like writing Hive blog posts!

The other thing I swear by is V8 juice. After quaffing down a can of that bitter veggie-ale, it's allowed me to reach some of the highest scores in my academic history. Now, it may just be a placebo and the power of suggestion at work, I really don't care., What matters most are the results and that stuff works! The important thing is to use whatever mechanics that provide you with the best opportunity to improve your grades. Cheers!

Thank You So Much!

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