in GEMSlast year

Hello! I put together this collage of fabulous works of art that make me think of these times of pandemic. Do you identify with any?

Escala Bellas Artes.png


Morning Sun, by Edward Hopper (1952)

Girl in the Window, by Salvador Dalí (1925)

The naked maja, by Goya (between 1800 and 1808)

Cupid sleeping, by Caravaggio (1608)

Women in the window, by Esteban Murillo (1675)

Miranda in the Carraca, by Michelena (1896)

The Poor Poet, by Carl Spitzweg (1839)

Stańczyk, by Jan Matejko (1862)

The reader in white, by Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier (1857)