Repetative day 😌

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Hey all,
Welcome to my blog. Today I am just writing about my daily usual activities. Woke up in morning 6.30 swiping the steem feed, brushing and morning stuff. Taking bath around 7.30 and having a breakfast. Getting a bus at 8.30 moving to Coimbatore.


You know getting in a local bus isn't a easy task during the timings around 8.30 - 10 AM. It was a rush time as it was a swift time to work.

Local bus

I felt lucky today .

Haha ! Yeah, I felt lucky today because everyday I travel in the same timings not even a single day I didn't get a seat by chance. But today I got seat that how am typing these content. πŸ˜€


Bus ticket

Here we have many rules to maintain in the bus:-

Men's should not sit in ladies seat.

Everyone should need to keep the exact change for the ticket price.

You should not question the conductor of the bus.

Everything is OK. But keeping a change for the exact ticket price is the hardest thing. I have a lot experience with it.

Today it was not my motive to walk upto this much but it happened. I was on the bus gaved 100 RS note along with 4 RS coin change for ticket fair of 44 RS. He supposed to give me 60 RS back (50+10) He have given me teared 50 RS note. I argued with him and got rid of the bus without noticing the bus stop πŸ˜‚. I am sure it was 12+ km away from where I stepped out. Then I started to walk with actifit. Please make some use of my walk steem.

Detailed post

Thank you

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Greetings :)
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