Adopting with Global Culture : Birthday Celebration in rural areas

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Birthdays are a joyous name for each of us. On birthdays, we rejoice together with our friends, relatives and neighbors. Since this day comes only once a year, this day is very important for everyone. Birthdays are celebrated with glory and enjoyment in urban areas of developing countries and overall in developed countries.


Bangladesh is not a developed country but a developing country. But at the present time, we see birthdays and birthday celebrations with formality in different directions. What was completely new to the culture with 20 years back and is now blending in with the culture of us. And one of the main reasons behind it is technology and globalization.


With the impact of Globalization, we are getting acquainted with different cultures at home and abroad every day. And by doing so, the cultures of different countries are merging with us as well as in some cases merging with our culture and other cultures. When it comes to globalization, there are some good aspects as well as some bad aspects. Globalization is related to technology and development but in some cases, it destroys indigenous culture.


In the picture we see a very simple birthday celebration. This is a fragmentary image of my village. As I said before, birthday celebrations were once common only among the riches and in urban areas. But over time, that is likely to change. The life style of the people in the rural areas is normal. They usually work on a daily basis and make a living by working hard. So, for people of all these class-professions, the luxury called birthday was an object of imagination. But at the present time this culture has changed in just ten years. In Rural life, it is now common for people to celebrate birthdays. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a festival. But in the midst of forgetting one's own culture and embracing the culture of others, one's own culture is devalued. At the beginning of the year or at the time of harvesting, several festivals were prevalent in the Bengali rural society. But with the advancement of technology and grasping the culture of other countries and cities, these rural cultures are getting lost day by day. Which is really a matter of concern for the culture of a country. Because no matter how advanced man is, he has a root.


The atmosphere in the city is not similar to the way birthdays are celebrated here. In other words, birthdays have started to be introduced in the rural society but the formality has not yet taken the form of a city. This birthday celebration is taken from a festival in my village where the birthday celebration is being celebrated in a very simple way only by cutting a cake. In other words, the culture of cake has come but the formality of the festival has not yet taken shape in that way. However, at the rate at which change is being noticed, the birthday celebrations of foreign cultures will soon be celebrated in the rural society of our country.
I never look down on integration with technology and globalization. The only thing we need to keep in mind is that our own culture should not be lost inside the foreign culture. There will be aggression of culture because in the age of globalization, it is wise to adapt to the culture of other countries. But that path should always maintained with limit.


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