Dreams, visions and nightmares.

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The visual phenomena that are imagined in our retinas, caused by the light through the optical layers of our eyes, produced by the exposed laws, but that do not reach the metaphysics that cause vision, are not despicable, because this metaphysics is only used and understood by the spirit, who vivifies and impresses in truth those muscles, nerves, membranes, crystalline, and masses, which for scientific methods, would be eternally hidden if spiritualism did not discover it and in wisdom confirm it.

Vision that when our eyes are closed

The fact of a vision that when our eyes are closed or psychically blind we have (and there is not a single being that has not had a vision that ignorance has called reveries, nightmares, and even hallucinations and there is none of this in the truth of truth).


If the spirit could inspire his matter in a state of vigilance all that he has to communicate to it, he would not have to resort to that medium, taking advantage of the inactivity of the matter, when, because of fatigue, he rests on the bed in any form.

A spirit has a need of communicating to his body works that he must perform.

A spirit needs communicating to his body works that he must perform, ideas that he must expound; like-minded people that he must meet, or stories that he must resume with his present existence; and if education were convenient if he had been initiated into the study of metaphysics, but is, above all, he had not been prejudiced by thousands of errors and religious, social, and even scientific, tricks, he would communicate by his soul to his body continually all the secrets of his destiny, and would do so in vigilance and consciously.

But, not being able to do so for the said causes, but the greater of a pernicious environment, the spirit sees himself in the necessity of taking advantage of the sleep of the matter to communicate, teach, and manifest to it those points of his destiny, because he has to do all that is within his reach, so that his matter may do the works that it brought about in its destiny.


To that end, when matter sleeps; the spirit unfolds, stretching out his astral body (which is his soul), all that the elasticity of his purity permits if he breaks his bonds and joins with other spirits, with whom he shares, and helps each other to represent, in real scenes, in living pictures, that which represents an action, an idea, or a person, to impress his matter on his brain; a remote memory remaining always and sometimes indelible and alive as a real fact.

Now, if the brain is impressed, if the soul is sensitized, and the matter is half-dead, and in any case, the impressionable organism is at rest; if the impression of the images can only be by a visual one, and this one of whatever nature, it must be open, because otherwise it cannot be in communicative relation with the image, and our eyes are closed by sleep, and yet we receive the vision, there are, of necessity, other eyes, another lens, these eyes, are the spirit who does not have the law of sleep, nor of stillness.


It is thus verily why and how our brain is impressed during sleep, and from whose impressions great ideas and inventions are born; and it is thus scientifically also that it is proved that spirits are the sole cause of all the phenomena which are operated upon our senses, under sleep, and in wakefulness always.

But today, in some beings, the faculties of medianimic vision are well developed, under which faculty, and at the will of the medium, he enters into mysteries which he does not know materially, regardless of distance, and sees and describes what he sees with his spirit even within the bowels of the earth or in distant worlds, where his material eyes do not reach. That which proves completely that he who sees is the spirit; and as he sees, he equally hears, feels, smells, and tastes. Then the senses are not of the matter; they are of the spirit and the matter, it is the acting mass that proves it.


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