A Village Walk

in GEMS3 months ago

I had a walk down to the Great Stubbing Pond in my village. Even though there is a lane running alongside the pond, Mr Lurcher still insists on walking on the wall. No idea why.

When the sun was out it was quite warm. Unfortunately, as soon as the sun went in, it was freezing.

There are two swans somewhere in this photo. They are a bonded pair. Mrs Swan on the right has had at least five eggs. They sometimes build more than one nest and then choose one, or they can get disturbed and abandon it. Mr Swan is having a sleep on one of the spare nests, on the left.

There was quite a few ducks about, mainly drakes. They were doing an up and under routine searching for food.

There has been signs of summer but I cant wait until it gets a bit warmer. At the moment I can wear shorts, scarf and gloves on the same day!

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


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