Tree Tuesday

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The silver birch tree must be the most photographed tree. It is certainly one of my favourites. Grouped together they are really photogenic.

I think all the trees look great covered in snow, whatever they are. Even though it’s cold outside, as long as you dress for the weather, it does you good to get out. There's nothing better then taking pictures of snowy trees!

#treetuesday initiated by @old-guy-photos.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


There is a strange beauty in the photos of these trees that you photographed. I like to see different photos because the color combination is different. I would like to thank you for presenting some of these weird photos to us who live in a world of color photography.

Thank you. You can rely on me for weird things!

They look so surreal like in a fairy tale!

Yes you're right. I think that is why I keep going back.

Ya! I hope you could spot the fairy one day!!