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Now about the adequate criticism, the fact that when I upload my work to the network I want to see only positive fitback, this does not mean that there are no people to whom I send work for criticism and what opinion I listen to.

It is very important for me that the people who criticize me are either of the same skill level with me or higher. Or would they understand some specific issue)

This is my position - and since it concerns me, my work - the position of other people that criticism can come from anyone and you should listen to it - I'm not interested.

You need to listen, shake it off - I don't need it.

Because these are my works and my attitude towards them. What is amusing in this regard is that for some reason many people believe that they must accept their criticism, but responses to their words are not acceptable.

But no dear critics, this does not work like that - "freedom of speech" works in both directions, and if you have spoken out on someone else's expense, then an answer may come to you, no one is obliged to accept your position silently, in principle they are not obliged to accept it. Well, this implies "since you posted your work on the Internet", then yes, if the resource allows, then under it you can express yourself and often in any form, but this is if this is permissible on this resource. But waiting for what you wrote people have to accept and reel is stupid. Well, if only because a person would listen to your opinion, it should be either authoritative or filled with weighty arguments for him. And to accept your opinion because it is YOUR opinion - it doesn't work that way)

I most often just ignore negative comments, although sometimes, of course, some characters manage to offend and bring to the dispute. Well, no, my works are not perfect - they have a lot of mistakes - and if they are, then either I just can't do better because of the skill level, or I didn't consider it necessary to correct the mistake - elementary tired and didn't have the strength to do it, but a mistake not essential for me. This does not mean that I do not see my mistakes and that does not mean that I am lazy and do not want to learn.

As for the personal publics of artists, then personally mine was not created to criticize my work - it is for people who are interested in my work and for potential customers - like an electronic portfolio. And I treat such publics as workshops or houses - where the artist invited you, you communicate nicely, discuss something. But at a party, criticism is not allowed that the pie came out somehow not tasty or that you do not like the dishes served on the table. It's not polite. After all, you can try other treats or leave politely if you are not interested or tasty when visiting.

Immediately speaking, for my career as an artist, I went through a lot and persecution that lasted for months and deception and an endless barrage of insults (and the level of art does not affect the flow of hate) ... and through the hatred of people I do not know and with scammers partners and customers and the theft of works ... By the way, about the theft of work - I think the following is theft - when someone takes and sells your work or passes it off as his own. If someone posted my art somewhere or put it on an avatar - this is not stealing) And it's funny to hear the screams of artists on this topic, that's why - guys, damn it - but you didn't download pictures and photos from the Internet or what? they all also have authors - but you didn't ask their permission) The world will not turn upside down if your drawing is on someone's avatar - on the contrary, it is a kind of complement to your creativity. But when someone else monetizes your work or uses it to earn money, it's terrible, you have to fight with it and this is already theft.

And why this post. Well, first of all, I wrote it in order to explain my position. Well, to the fact that okay, we are adult artists, we have seen everything, we have encountered many things, and of course a lot hurts us, but does not discourage us from drawing or doing other types of art. But the children who drew a picture and in their understanding it is simply incredible and they really want to show it to the world and get praise in return - they have a hard time. And at this level, praise is needed - to stimulate the young artist to draw further, more. The main thing for them is to draw as much as possible - even if it is crooked, obliquely and incorrectly. Then, when he gets stronger, at least basic skills developed by practice will appear and, most importantly, they will feel the joy of creativity, then they can begin to be taught and taught not by haters on the Internet, but by professional teachers who know the teaching methodology.

Well, and one more thing, not everyone who draws is a professional artist, maybe for a person this is such an outlet and after work he relaxes like this and he has no goal of becoming a cool guy. Or he is a professional artist (by professional I mean the word profession - a person who earns his own creativity), and so maybe he likes to draw exactly like this and it is these things and it is these illustrations that they buy from him. You can't know all the inputs. Therefore, you should always be very careful with criticism.

And creativity is a very subjective concept.

Personally, I never criticize the work of other artists, but I always write with great willingness if I like their work)

I say right away, this is exclusively my position, you may have another - I do not impose mine on you)