Meaning, Purpose and that Space never seen

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"Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose."- Viktor Frankl.

Meaning and purpose makes life worth every single line of stress and accomplishment and when that is missing, life for that individual becomes cumbersome and less than exciting.

The loss of appetite to live and make the best of life for many, comes when they get a taste of that circumstance that sometimes defiles all odds.


Meaning, Purpose and...

  • Meaning is "the intention to communicate something that is not directly expressed."

Just life life, what we are here for and how long we will be here is not directly expressed; no one knows what is to come.

  • Purpose is "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."

Just life life, we have that idea we should be here for something and with a determined life with meaning, we pursue that purpose to see what lies ahead after the next day.

...the Space never seen.

Circumstances are not the reason why life becomes unbearable for anyone, they are the ingredients needed to step out of that "comfort zone" into "the thriving platforms."
Never has there been a great man without challenges. Even in the midst of greatness, man gets more challenged than he was when he was a "nobody".

Life has meaning and that meaning only becomes productively hitched into our lives when we know and follow through our purpose. If it doesn't mean a thing to you, it will definitely present no purpose.

Don't you just winder why you are here on planet earth at this time and with that situation that is peculiar to you?

God never intends for us to be killed, destroyed or overwhelmed by our purpose. If the situation is upon us, it is just the right fit that will
see us shining like diamonds in the sky.

No one is created purposeless and no one lacks the ability to see what life means to them. If you worry about winning as much as you worry about the challenges you are faced with, you will figure out the strings and stones you need to pull or break to get to your destination.

Be purposeful and mean to live your life for you because, you only get the best results from a well lived life that didn't get itself barricaded into "regret camp" because of some challenges designed to be conquered.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

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Never has there been a great man without challenges. Even in the midst of greatness, man gets more challenged than he was when he was a "nobody

Many of us don't want to go through challenges yet these are the ones that build up a man. They keep him in check and accountable to all his decisions. They bring the best out him.

It's true a Purpose driven life will always be challenging due to the high level of self decipline involved in living to the fulfilment of that purpose.

Man realises at the end of all the hustle that every effort undertaken was worth it when success becomes his buddy.

Thanks for sharing.

Challenges make the man and if you are not challenged in your pursuit, you may be doing everything wrong.
Hustle with a soul and you will see the best results you desire.

Stay Awesome!

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