My Proposal & Thoughts to Move Ahead with our Community & Steem

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By now every active Steemian - and the whole crypto space for that matter - should know about all the drama around our blockchain. Our witnesses soft forking (SF22.2) the chain a week or two ago, the counteraction by TRON to put 20 new TRON owned witnesses into the top 20, the Steem community forming one front to get our community witnesses back into the top, all the debates ongoing in and outside the daily town hall sessions at the PAL server, and lots and lots of debates in chat channels, in the Steem blogging services and even outside these in mainstream social media.

After a few days of lots of emotions, name calling and wanting to run away from Steemit Inc (STINC), TRON and Justin Sun, it is time to group together and come up with real and solid plans to not only safeguard our chain, but also to give the chain a bright future in which Steem stays relevant and hopefully become an important chain for decades and centuries to come.

Until today I became more pessimistic by the minute wrt a future for Steem, mainly caused by the amount of negative emotions spit out continuously. I came home early today - cutting a business meeting short - to get my thoughts together around the whole situation we are in and figure out how I can address the entire community, and more specifically the witnesses in charge of protecting our chain and those who talk directly with members of the Steemit Inc organisation, Roy (business leader of the TRON Foundation) and Justin Sun.

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Regardless the fact the Steem blockchain shall be controlled in a decentralised manner to give it the properties it was designed for, the chain development - in all aspects from technical side of things, security to governance and the roadmap for a long future ahead of us - requires a more centralised approach.

Since day one, it is Steemit Inc - run as a normal startup company - that took on the task of not only the development of the chain, but also the onboarding of exchange, supporting the community in some of the projects, working with the consensus witnesses (the top 20 witnesses) to implement changes and roadmap to the chain, and plenty of other tasks.

Regardless the future of the chain (continue with what we have, fork out to a sister chain), all these tasks needs to be executed for a long time ahead of us to keep our chain relevant.

On top of that, we definitely require other business tasks to be taken on, such as marketing the chain to projects who want to launch on a blockchain as well as the wider global market (businesses, brands, content creators, community creators etc).

We need to secure continuous core development of the chain to increase its security as well as scalability and performance to stay relevant for decades to come.

All of this doesn't cost just a lot of dedications, focus, love and time, but also a lot of money. To make sure the amount of money required for all of this and ensuring we progress fast enough to stay ahead of competition, a group or multiple groups of professionals shall work together to take the responsibility for these tasks, making sure the activities are aligned towards common goals, the execution is as efficient as possible, while working with the Steem community for the entire journey ahead of us.

This requires organisation.

Shall we try and find this organisation in Steemit Inc and TRON?

Do we want to step away, form a sister chain, and transfer all development and business tasks to one or multiple groups and/or companies?

Whatever we decide, must be decided with some form of consensus, a decision that is free from emotions, a decision with realistic goals, a decision that is thought through well.

This essentially means we need to get specialist group together to go in-depth of any relevant topic driving our decisions. We need to find a solution how to involve the wider community. And foremost, we need to make sure we don't burn our bridges unnecessarily by keeping the communication lines open with Steemit Inc and the TRON people and possibly come to some sort of agreement with them for the first option given. That is for sure my preference!

Let us organise!

What I think shall be done ASAP:

  • Centralise all the information relevant for the community wrt the situation we are in, the proposals to resolve the issues at hand, the opinions of our witnesses and so on. Could this be a website? Chat channels are to fluid imho.
  • Involve the community and run referenda; Polls can be setup to which anybody in the community can give their opinion on some idea, proposal and/or opinion. Could DPoll be the service to us?
  • Reach out to STINC and/or ex-STINC core blockchain developers to get their opinion on what is required to give the chain a future in terms of development power and quality of the engineers we need to have on board; Maybe even try and get them to commit their time to support us in any way possible.
  • Reach out to other type of professionals to take on tasks that we need to take on; Think of crypto/blockchain specialist lawyers to understand any legalities eg the Steemit Inc stake and the promises made by its former leadership.
  • Form groups of professionals and get them to execute mentioned (and unmentioned) tasks.
  • Elect spokespeople / community leaders to represent us in all the talks we will have with Steemit Inc, TRON, Roy, Justin and maybe even exchanges and other parties that may need to be involved; We need business minded people with good negotiation skills.

The most important thing we have to make sure of, is that we act business-like, as if Steem blockchain is a business (and in fact it is!)

We need to have all options open when negotiating with TRON leadership Roy and Justin. We shall not block anything at the moment. We shall try and find mutual beneficial solutions. And I can't stress more, the solutions we agree on, the decisions we'll have to make, needs to have the long future of our blockchain in mind at all times! Everything needs to be thought through in-depth, based on facts, accompanied by in-depth analysis and proof. Ideas and solution without in-depth analyses and truthful conclusions are just opinions. No business survives based on opinions.

I'm not a specialist on blockchains, nor am I a specialist of the witnesses system and governance we have around our chain. I'm not a developers. I'm just a small fish. But a tiny fish with a big believe in what Steem started out to do a few years ago.

Regardless all the drama we've been through last years, the ups but definitely also our downs, I never got myself detached from the chain. I can call myself a passionate Steemian and that is the reason for me to write this post, to share my thoughts with you, to give you my ideas.

Additionally, I would like to support all what we need to do in one or the other way. I just need to find the role I can play.

I may not have been elaborative enough, maybe missed some important things, so don't hesitate to react with your thoughts, ideas and solutions.

Lets Bring Steem into a Bright Future

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you have pointed a very interesting topic. it is understandable that for those who were witnesses, tron's decision about pushing them away can be painful, especially that incomes related with this position are quite nice. but fork and then what ? as you nicely described it - for proper managing this kind of organisation, professional advisory and management board, human and money resources and a lot of work is more than necessary. if I would have to guess, rebuilding everything from the scraps (or forked code) by the group of witnesses and devoted people, in the age of ruthless crypto-race, even with the most pure intentions, can lead us all to the sad and unwanted finish. if any further steps will be taken, those steps absolutely must be very deeply analyzed before.

Thanks for your comment. Let us unite not only to regain the control of the chain back, but also to create a vibrant community supported by a great blockchain that'll have an important place in our future society.

the well know POSH thing to Twitter...

100% agreed here:

The most important thing we have to make sure of, is that we act business-like, as if Steem blockchain is a business (and in fact it is!)

Business needs leaders, we might have too many of that type but we are a great community

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