can I Beat my Mental Cloud today? Assessment Tests are Waiting!

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Already for two days I'm trying to prepare myself for an assessment, a bunch of tests to determine my IQ and personality on various levels. Logically I decided to take these tests on Sunday, my second day of the weekend and usually the day I'm rested the most. I think I overslept this morning; My brains feels clouded; Even after a few cups of strong coffee, an active stroll through my neighbourhood, a decent breakfast/lunch. Not sure if this situation is good to execute the tests.

Normally, I would simply execute them, regardless. I know I'm usually pretty ok doing all these number, visual, word play and other tests with a good enough results; Usually don't care too much about the outcome. This time it's different though. The company inviting me to execute this assessment, is a company that is offering me a big step forward in my career in every aspect, from responsibilities to compensations. I'm not talking about just an interesting step forward, but a huge step forward. So, I don't want this opportunity to end in the bin just because the results of these tests are not good enough.

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I just finished some preparation rounds with tests and assessments I could find online. Most of them with good to great results; Way sufficient for the real tests, I think. But a BIG BUT: This company writes in an email, the tests they want me to make are more difficulty than most of the online prep tests. Pfffffff, getting nervous! Still have this cloudy feel in my head, but it may not impact me results as my prep test results showed. But maybe it impacts the speed to get to the results? Another factor that is important in the assessment I have to go through; So many questions in so little time; For some of the tests something like 6 to 10 questions in a minute; 10 to 6 seconds per question!

Although I have more than a week to take the tests, I don't want to wait: Usually it starts eating me up from the inside more and more, while the results are not getting better... Have no proof for the later, but I can't imagine one becomes more intelligent by waiting, or less for that matter. I do know I have these days that everything seems to be more easy to execute, my brains and even physical body seems to work faster and all. Usually that happens during the week, when I'm working, when I'm actively executing tasks that needs my full attention and focus, dealing with complex issues, involving must-wins such as persuading management to allow something that is commonly not accepted and so on. My weekends are usually a little less of all that. Hence I may have to postpone the tests till sometime coming week?

Do you have experience with these tests and what circumstances are the best to take them? When so, please tell me your story and give me your advise.

A friend advised me to micro-dot (LSD or something). Not sure if I want to try that though. Guess this requires a few days of dotting before my brains starts connecting better. Although I've read various articles about students and professionals micro-dotting a lot, with positive results to whatever they want to do and accomplish; I'm very green in this field. Maybe not the best situation to start experimenting now. Or?

While writing this article; My mind started processing further. I'll give this afternoon still a chance; No coffee anymore though; Drank too much of the black gold already. However, I'll be listening to a few set recordings I recently discovered. Maybe it'll bring my brains into a super-connected and over-active state I want it to be in. I started out already with a quite cool recording by the Dutch Sandrien; The one I share with you below. Kinda warming up; After this one I'll go to the more mental sets by artists like Etapp Kyle, Fiedel and Peter van Hoesen. When all of that doesn't push the clouds away, I decided I'll be re-planning my assessment tests till Tuesday afternoon; Tuesday morning I have a session/workshop lined up for which I'll need to give my 120%; My logic is that this may bring me in the right state. But then again, I'm far from a psychologist and I may not even count myself to the group of amateur psychologist.

Pffff, sometimes I wish I would do things without thinking; Just do them; Only follow feelings; Instant decisions; Not even thinking for seconds to do something or not. In such situation, I would've done the tests two days ago already, when I received the invite from the recruiter.

Enjoying Sandrien BTW... Seriously good set; Getting to the mental part as I write this article; Can't sit still, but not pushing the clouds to the bin though; Not yet :)

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Artist: Sandrien
Set: Awakenings Festival
Year: 2015

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