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WOW, what a Steem ride it was (and still is) the last week or so! DRAMA with Mega Capital Letters; So Mega that any font size is too small to express this in its right magnitude. Spending all my physical and digital social time going around our Steem blockchain - engaging and posting - participating in the Steem Town Hall sessions - with our community including those with TRONs leadership included - engaging at Twitter to support the cause; I really need a few quite days in order to wind down from everything...

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Last weekend came to the realisation this winding down was not possible, since the moment I decided to focus on anything else than Steem, my fingers start to itch almost immediately. Fortunately my self awareness is darn high as proven be a very recent assessment test I've been through, which comes in handy to try and balance things in my life again.

Music is what makes my clock tick...

When I hear music I really like, this draws all my brain cells into the abyss of sounds which requires strong forces to pull me away. With any good piece of music in my collection, this happens more often than one would expect. Gradually the music is taking control of me, reducing the effectiveness of the tasks at hand more and more until I simply stop executing them. All of this is usually emphasised when I hear some new piece of music; A piece I never heard before.

The Key to Success...

Since the Steem DRAMA (capitalised again since it is still this humongous thingy we are in) has a super strong pull force, the only solution is to counter this with another super large pull force.

In need of New piece of Music...

The search was on last Saturday; Comfortably seated in my lounge chair; Laptop in front; Soundcloud fired up; List of great artists at hand; Skip listening mode enabled...

The search was on...

Took me at least a few hours, going through a gazillion recordings, to end up with something that made my skin to produce goosebumps as big as Mount Everest! No kidding! :joy: (can't get the markdown emoticons to work; any advise is welcome).

Major forces at work; Was not able to focus on anything anymore other than the music. Mission accomplished!

Listened already a few times the entire 4+ hours set recording; Still pulling me away from many things around Steem; Tremendously reduced the constant urge to intervene wherever I felt I should; Gave the trust I shall have in our witnesses and large SP holders and so on and so fort.

In conclusion: It did what I needed!

Those who are curious about what music it is that has such (great) effect on me; Click the button below. Beforehand I warn you: Its far from easy listening. More like: Deep, Dark, Mental (noooo not metal), Hypnotic and more. I advise you to connect your music source device to a good HIFI system with great speakers for the best ride of your life. Quality headphones will also work... I think (didn't try it, but imagining listening through my Sennheizer I can kinda safely assume it'll work as well).

And what about you? What is your trick to wind down? To let your mind flow into whatever it is, but far away from your tasks at hand?

ps Close to the two hour mark in recording below is where my goosebumps decided to transform themselves from Mont Blanc size to Mount Everest size. My skin was fighting until the end to get itself in smooth shape again, but only succeeded after the recording was over and done with. So you know, this didn't happen at the first round of listening only; Its still happening as we speak after listening a few times from second first through to second last.

An interesting side effect: I've more energy mentally and physically every time I listen and even after finished listening! Is this more effective than a physical workout? Perhaps! Try it! :)


source soundcloud

Artist: Cio D'or & Peter van Hoesen
Set: Recording at Harry Klein (Münich Germany)
Year: 2010

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