Digital Drawing Contest #1

in GEMS8 months ago


Hello dear artists!

I want to see your the best digital draw!
This week you can draw of anything - just be creative.

The Prizes will be from a fund with 300 ESTM points (@esteemapp) and 3 Hive Tokens, and awarded to the winners, who will be chosen by me.

  1. Winner: 100 ESTM points and 1 HIVE
  2. Winner: 100 ESTM points and 1 HIVE
  3. Winner: 100 ESTM points and 1 HIVE


  • Only digital drawing.

  • One submission per person.

  • Mention the Digital Drawing Contest somewhere in your post.

  • You can use the #digidraw tag but you have to post your link as a comment in this post to officially enter.

  • The entry window is open for 7 DAYS.

Any upvotes and resteems are appreciated!

All the Best and Enjoy


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This frog looks very calm 😊
Thank you Mark 👌

Thanks for your participation @sczed 😊

Of course @angelanichole 😊
I like this little ☂️ 😀
Thanks for your participation 😊

Nice 👌
Thanks for your participation @cjsean 🙂

Good contest!

Thank you @saleg25 🙂
It would be nice to see your artwork too. 😉

Very nice theme 👌
Thanks for your participation @dinglehopper 🙂

Thank you it's my pleasure to join

Very nice 😊
Thank you for your participation @hubyr 😊

Very nice @allyson19 😊
Thanks for your participation 😀

Thank you 💖