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Earlier tonight, the moon was in a Waxing Gibbous phase. That means more than 50% of it is illuminated, and almost, but not quite a Full Moon. In fact, in less than an hour, it will migrate over to the full moon status.

0P2A8451 moon.JPG

I'm fascinated by the moon. It was the first attempt with this lens and the first rookie mistake was a long lens and no tripod. The moon influences so much of what we know as life on earth. Our oceans, weather, and the hours in our days - the moon's influence! If there was no moon, tides would fall, nights would be darker, seasons would change, and the length of our days would alter. I pulled some of this off Google.

Special Moon Events in 2021

Super Full Moon: Apr 26
Micro New Moon: May 11
Super Full Moon: May 26
Partial Lunar Eclipse visible in Washington DC on May 26
Blue Moon: Aug 22 (third Full Moon in a season with four Full Moons)
Super New Moon: Nov 4
Micro Full Moon: Nov 19
Partial Lunar Eclipse visible in Washington DC on Nov 19
Super New Moon: Dec 4
Micro Full Moon: Dec 18
No Black Moon in Washington DC in 2021 (third New Moon in a season with four New Moons) source

0P2A8447 Moon.JPG

It was super huge. Next month at this time will be the largest of the year. Given the distance from earth, I am not sure anyone will be able to tell which is bigger. Apologies for the blur in the pictures.

0P2A8466 moon 2.JPG

Somewhere, out there...


On another note, unrelated to the moon, the Mama Mallard that wandered in our yard to build a nest, far and away from the maddening crowd at the pond, has been incubating those eggs for over two weeks' time. I am excited to see twelve little ducklings wandering about. That is it for the update. I'll keep you informed of our progress.


Beauty is so fleeting...Every eye can see a beautiful face but very few can make out a beautiful mind.

Some of my loveliest memories surround the blooming of flowers, making me feel like I was touched by an angel -and their soft whispers, out of the gentle stillness tenderly caresses my heart. The sweetest dreams come from days like this. Heavenly. May there always be a flower to color your world. #alwaysaflower


All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.





The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

TS Elliot

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Cool shots! I agree and will say not only is a tripod foundational, but I always use remote shutter control. No matter how stable the tripod, the act of touching the camera on said tripod is enough to cause some distortion. All the camera makers have free remote control phone apps.

True. It was a rookie mistake and I can assure you, I will try not to let it happen again. Let's hope anyway. Thank you for all the helpful hints and information to enable me to use this lens properly.

I did know about thr free remote control for the phone app, but, have yet to employ that information to my brain. Thanks for the reminder!

So, I was just outside. I put a freshly brewed gallon of tea on the porch to cool and washed the windows on my car in preparation for a doctor apt this morning and noticed that the moon was 'waning gibbous' and past full because it was going to be fully up when the sun rises.

Then I come in and see what you have to say about it :) I don't like the proliferation of 'named moons' and really dislike news outlets appropriating native names in attempt to hype a very normal occurrence. I guess we can thank click bait for that...

I do pay attention to the apogee and perigee moons, when the full moon is closest or farthest from earth. A friend and I camped on the north rim of the Grand Canyon for a perigee moon a few years ago and it seemed incredibly large and bright. The north rim is about 9000 feet so we got a really good look.

One of my best photos ever is a completely accidental photo of the Vermillion Cliffs as we were riding home. I didn't realize the moon was in the shot until I got home and looked carefully at my photos. I always said I'd rather be lucky than good.

Vermillion Cliffs.JPG

Thanks Denise for your lovely moon photos and congratulations on your long lens. I can tell it's going to work out just fine for you!

What you said is true, but, it seems people want to know those things, I absolutely love the shot of your moon and I have taken some like that, although not with quite the amazing landscape.

There is something about the Arizona desert that calls out to the moon.

Spectacualr shot. I am excited about the lens, although I have found a learning curve comes with it. Next months moon should absolutely have some improvement!

I hope the furnace out there isn't too hot yet. It is already 89 degrees here! Keep safe, my friend. !! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words! ❤️

This is your friendly reminder reminding you to remind me next month when the moon is even bigger than the moon you've written about here.

And then I was gonna say something about people who moon the audience at sporting events and whether or not that causes high tide but decided against it.

I think you may be on to something!! I think that I will be putting you in charge of chasing that one down!

I will definitely remind you, if you are serious. I have a list of people that have asked that they be reminded. Easy as just ptting you name on the list. My shots did not come out well, but, it was the first time I was using the lens and I made the rookie mistake of going out without a tripod. :(

Can I have a doover? Thanks for stopping by and sorry for taking forever to get to these comments. Work, work, double shift. Boo!

Love the moon pics! Was too cloudy again for me last night, very sad.

Next month on the 26, the largest super moon!!! Be on the lookout! Mine were a little blurry, but, first time using the long lens. Next month, maybe I will be a little more practiced.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I've been ready the last two full moons! But both cloudy for all 3 days before, during, and after! My new camera and lens have been screaming! I'll be ready, hoping the weather cooperates this time!

:) I think the last two were like that for me, but, these are the SUPER MOONS! The look like what CCR was singing about in "Bad Moon Arising" LOL I hope the weather cooperates for all of us!!! :))

Oh wow, you took some really cool photos of the super moon :) When I saw it crawling up the sky in the evening yesterday, that big and shining, I knew I would have troubles with my sleep and I really did :D :/ The moon is very powerful indeed.

Oh!! You are a werewolf!? :) It is true. At the hospital that I worked, we hated the full moon. All the crazies came out, women had babies that weren't due yet and people had trouble sleeping... It has a magnetic personality!

Thanks for stopping by and sorry I am so late getting back here!

Some seriously cool shots of the Moon, I saw it early morning yesterday out the window

I have not got the experience with the longer lens to make it work well for me. Maybe by the next moon, I will have figured out a bunch of things. I am glad that you got to see it! It was pretty good, but, next month, on the 26th, it will be even larger!

I must remember the 26th and hope for clear skies long lenses can be tricky

I will give you a heads up. I have a running list of people to tag. :))

Thanks that would be great
If one engages he gets !ENGAGE 25 from me

Thanks for the engagement tokens

Most welcome


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

OMG ... great moon shots.

Thank you, but, I hope they will be better next month because the lens is new and that was the first time I used it, without remembering the tripod. Oh, Rookie mistake!!!

Thank you! xoxo you are always so kind. ❤️

While I'm sure everyone is distracted by the moon - as beautiful as it is - I love your sunglasses @dswigle! And those mallard eggs.....oooooooooh. Cuddly. Fluffy. Bundles.

Haha!! It would have been cool if it were a better shot. Thank you! I love fun sunglasses. :)) I have about a week to ten days more on the eggs, I am only estimating, but, I think I am pretty sure of her dates.

I look forward to a few of their cuddly selves!

Hope things are getting better on your end.

Whoah looks like someone has got a new zoom lens. Hi Denise gorgeous moon shot. Have fun with the lens 😀

I need so much practice as I didn't really get great focus with the trees. Next month, I should be better by then!

How magnificent Denise! That moon shots are awesome and I can't wait to se the the ducklings. Make sure you tag me!!!💖😍💖

Thank you!! I will definitely tag you!! I am getting excited. I think in about a week to ten days! ❤️

Oh my goodness! Cant wait! 😍

You were absent forever!!! I can't wait either!❤️

Yeah, I was. My blog took lots of my time. And of course the boys. Well they still do 💖

I will bet they are so big AND handsome!!!!

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Thank you so much for the upvote!

I love the moon and have always been fascinated by all the things it affects, even our sleep.

Love your moon photos.

Thank you! That is so kind of you, especially when I can get them in focus. I was a little disappointed that some were not in focus, but, I will practice and hopefully by next month, I will be able to do it.

There will be another supermoon on the 26th of May!! Be on the lookout for it!

And thank you. So much, ❤️


Great moon shots and some beautiful blooms wrapped up by some solid positive words.


Oh, you are such a positive vibe here!! Thanks for the words and for the suggestive beer you toss abuot the platform. It is always a pleasure to follow you areound, just in case you are giving away beer!!!

Thanks for stopping by! You are always a pleasure!

Did someone say !BEER ?


Bless you!!! Hehe!

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Thanks for the beer!!! @zekepickleman

What great shots of the new full moon. I like it more than when the moon fully rises, always have; it seems to loose it's beautiful romantic look. I always feel a little sad to see the end of the early moon rising.

Little ducklings to come I see, nothing cuter than a softy downy duck or chicken chick. How exciting and wonderful 🌺

I know!!! I am so excited and can hardly wait til they hatch.

I am all for the romantic moon. Glad to see someone else is too. The moon was so huge, it felt like it took up so much of the sky! We will have one again next month, on the 26th.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

that is beautiful moon photography and I don't think it's a blur but you took clear shots.

Hi, Birju! @birjudanal Thanka so much. Not too bad for a first try, but I hope to improve! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words!

Have a great day!

Reminds me of my friends bands album cover 🌝



Moon the artist is a cool soundtrack also

Full moon, beautiful and mysterious.
Nice photos, congratulations.

Thank you so much for your words!

Moon also serves as a "natural satellite". Radioamateurs use it to make Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) communications.

By the way, Moon affects our lives more than most people think. One or two years ago I have read a part of a book about it in one hour in a massage saloon, but I currently do not remember its author, nor its title. The entire book was about the Moon's effects on our lives.

The moon’s amazing

Makes waves and often full moon causes more women to go into labor when pregnant 🤰

Google it. I just did and it says the same exact things. It should give you the information you need/want.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 54 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!

Good thoughts on moon🌕. Thank you for sharing those dates.

Your welcome. I am glad you found them interesting!

Thank you for your words.


Wow indeed 🌝
Love this

Thank you!