Pink, Peaked and Pretty in Washington, DC

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Washington, DC. The trees whisper beauty in the spring, with the loveliest blossoms accessorizing properly, as it were. Their excitement is real, they burst forth in bloom, even before the leaves do. Did you know that some Magnolias bloom twice a year? Once in early spring and once in late summer. I don't live in the correct zip code, but, I did at one time.


Dress the day with a little sunshine. Why not? I could listen all day. Somewhere, a symphony plays.

The strings of my heart
Music to my eyes


Doing the Magnolia Waltz and why not? Slightly bobbing in the breeze, they seem like they are doing a dance. Softly floating until their petals are free, raining down upon me. I am not sure there is a more elegant tree than that of a Magnolia. I know we make a big fuss over the cherry blossoms, here in Washington, DC, and we do love them, but, it is the Magnolias that rule. Magnolias symbolized dignity and nobility. Magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbol of womanly beauty and gentleness in ancient Chinese culture, according to Wikipedia. I have to say that I don't disagree.


The Tidal Basin was overflowing with blossoms, which at peak bloom this moment! The parking was closed so there wouldn't be an endless stream of tourists. There just wasn't enough room to remain socially distant with all those people in there. It is usually overcrowded and so they played the cards they had in their hand. Two entrances to enter and exit and when it was full, they were shut. Of course, full is relative. Still in all, it was beautiful.

I want to dedicate all the beautiful trees here to #TreeTuesday!! Come on, let's put up some trees!

Tidal Basin 2.jpg

The explosion of color is at peak bloom today! To be honest, that is an event that lasts for a few days, and then they are gone until next year. To be fair, they began opening ahead of the predicted peak bloom schedule, which can totally destroy the Cherry Blossom Festival, but they canceled the entire event for this year.

cherries on the tidal basin.jpg

All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.





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Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed,
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course untrimmed:
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st,
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.


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The cherry blossoms are magnificent, but so short lived. The Magnolias on the other hand are huge, amazing and certainly must be given props for hanging around for so long!

Great shots all of them and it is always a bonus to see which cool selfie will it be at the bottom! What a fun summer shirt you have!!

:)) I may shock you one day and put one of my granny! I wonder if it would even be noticed?

I do love the cherry blossoms, but, I suspect it has more to do with the festivals and the reason for them, rather than their fleeting beauty. The Magnolia is regal in every sense. I truly love them and might put one in my yard.

Good morning didn't forget this one, just voted and ran. It was truly a day yesterday!

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@pinmapple For some reason, it wouldn't take the code. I tried five times over the course of the day.

No Cherry-blossom day celebrations? How sad since most activities outdoors should be relatively safe with distancing... and of course that confounded mask.

Magnolia an Ancient beautiful bloom, thought to be so old... it was the very first trees presenting such wonderful flowers by design.

A Sprinkling of Knowledge about these beautiful flowers: Magnolia-Source of Information


Magnolias are believed to be the earliest known flowering plants, with their fossils dating back over 100 million years. Magnolia trees even existed before bees, so they rely on beetles for pollination. Instead of nectar, the flowers produce large quantities of pollen that the beetles use for food.
The oldest trees on the grounds of the White House are two southern magnolias planted between 1829 and 1837 by Andrew Jackson. They were planted in memory of his wife, Rachel, who died shortly after he won the election.
Magnolia flowers are actually composed of “tepals,” a combination of sepals and petals similar in size and shape, comparable to water lilies.

Heavenly perfume filling the air for a few days, so glad you shared this beauty with us Denise, I have not seen them in many years no longer living in the climate where they are most at home.


Thank you! I always love your comments. Beautiful words and fun facts! Hi, Joan! @joanstewart ! Good morning from here!

Those pretty blooms... who could not stop to pass comment.

Seeing these photographs reminded me how lovely it must be to see Magnolias again!

Have a wonderful day Denise.

Magnolias are such elegant flowers! Those trees blooming... What a show of beauty! You make lovely pictures Denise!

They are such an elegant flower, I will not disagree there! They have such a stunning presence to me. Thank you so much! I appreciate your words!

I hope you are having a great day!

Hello Denise. Magnolia is really beautiful and we don't have those here. The only magnolia that we have here is the Magnolia brand that sells dairy products. On the photos with the monument. Are those trees covered with flowers? That is amazing and I'm wondering if they give out a scent.

Every single one of them has flowers! Unbelievable, right? They are all over town at this time of year.

Hehe Magnolia brand! :) Good to see you back here!

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Thank you @hivebuzz!!

You're welcome @dswigle 😊🌹 Happy weekend!

Thank you!

I only found out last week that I have a magnolia in my garden as well. I only moved there in autumn and didnt know. But now it is blossoming and heavenish!

That is awesome! I love them, they always add such a beautiful touch to the propery.

Are they like these or the white ones?

Yeah the white ones indeed! All of a sudden they were there. So cool!

I love those! They are so beautiful! You are lucky!

My mama @buckaroo says that you take the prettiest photos of flowers. And you write pretty poetry @dswigle. My mama also saw these cherry blossoms when she was there. But it was a long long time ago. Before I was borned. Now I'm helping her write because Daddy wrote over her key and she can't get into her page

OMG! You haven't been able to get in yet? I thought you found one set of keys?

Congratulations on your birth, @buckaroobaby! Get me on discord and I will see if I can help you from there! I am the same there are here. xoxo So good to hear from you!!!

Thanks Denise. I'm a little desperate. I tried everything. None of the keys work. My brother @craigcryptoking helping a lot on the sidelines. Will catch up on Discord. Well done seeing through the ploy ;) Nobody else seems to think it's wierd that my 3 year old is "writing" on my behalf!

LOL Seriously.

Very lovely and cheerful pink color of flowers, its always being pleasure to be a side with this type of lovely flowers, have a great day.

Thank you, you too!

Photos are taken very sharpely and clearly, every details is visible, you may be the finest photo taker of flowers, and some beautiful words share with us.

Thank you!

So, Magnolia has a historic and epic impact on our life, specially who is preferably present with these type of flowers, its being pleasure to know about some hidden knowledge about it. May i now can said Washington DC is very much lucky with these flowers belonging!

The spring equinox and its beautiful colors, I love this phase of time that Mother Nature gives us, right some species of the Magnolia genus blooms in the deciduous phase and also does so in full vegetative phase with young leaves. Thank you @dswigle for sharing these beautiful pictures.

My pleasure and thank you for all the information on the equinox!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!

Beautiful mam 👌🌹

Thank you so much. Have a great day!

Thanks mam

Wow, nice photography.

Thank you.


Thank you so much!