Mother on her Day: Happy Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day comes with a torrent of emotions that swirl around inside me like the perfect storm. It is the merger of sweet memories and regrets. My sweet, beautiful mother is gone from this world; she is no more - she soared from this earth, high into the heavens and I sit here and cling to my memories.

I have read that there are no parameters for this, losing your mother, is a forever and ever amen, kind of journey. I have found some holidays are harder than others.


Mother’s Day without a mother. Not the first. Not any longer. That was a couple of years ago that I put those words on paper, in a torrent of tears and a heart that was broken..


Holidays are always special in my house, but, I must say though, people(myself included) attach more importance and worth on those special days when in reality, every day there is someone out there grieving, and it is a hard day. By the time the actual holiday arrives, the worst is over. But, lest you think I have sunk into a pit of depression, I assure you I am fine.

I read this yesterday and it is so, so true. “My grief on this first Mother’s Day without my mother isn’t just missing buying her a card or gift. I take comfort in remembering that she was the gift, and one I can cherish for the rest of my life.” Life will not go on the same way without my mom. If it did, it would conclude her life meant nothing and had no contribution.


It was always the little things that caught her eye or grabbed her attention. The shape of a leaf, the magic of a rainbow, the way her voice sounded when she was excited about life. Small, tiny little catches in the fabric of life. I have come to appreciate more these tiny pieces of her, appreciate because I miss seeing them. Small little details.


I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. May your day be filled with sunshine and happiness. Much love to you on this day and those that follow.


And just like that, my post is done. Until next time! As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by for a chat and a read!! Have a most fabulous day!

All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.





The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

TS Elliot

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As I always say, bittersweet. Notthing can replace a mom, not even close. Just hold onto the good memories and I hope you had a lovely Mothers Day yourself!

You are totally right. Nothing will ever replace my mom and my dad to some extent. I love my mom as much today as I ever did, perhaps even more because I still miss her and cannot see her. I hold all those good memories and yesterday was a great day because it was all about me! ;)) Kidding, but, it was a pretty good day! @old-guy-photos.

Thanks for the wishes! I hope your day was good too.

You always have a beautiful way with words Denise. And always those glorious flowers that we both love so much. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day and I wish you joyful rest of the week 🌸💖🌸

Thank you so much, Lena! It was a wonderful day and I hope yours was as well. Where does the time go. No time to comment or post lately. Tell me how you have been and how life is treating you! ❤️

We do love our flowers, don't we?

What a wonderful way to remember your mom. All families, parents, children, siblings, should be this close. Happy Mothers Day!

Thank you, Victor @wwwiebe I count myself as fortunate, every single day.

Thank you for the wonderful wishes! Have a beautiful day!

Such a beautiful expression of your love for your mother Denise. I think it's so true that we simply can't know what it's going to be like to not be able to pick up a phone and have a chat with your mum, or see how her eyes light up when you go to visit her. Your writing brings back how much my mother loved flowers, roses in particular. I bet your mother loved gardens and the beauty of nature too. With much love to you at this time.

Thank you so much. I have missed you! It is true what you say about mom's and you were so right. My mom loved her flowers and it's funny, but, it was my dad who loved the roses, so my mom grew plenty of them for him. She loved everything, but, she really loved her peonies and looked forward to them every single year.

I hope all is well with you! ❤️

Its once again Mother's day, i wishes all of mothers from the deepest part of my heart, i always feel extra soft corner for my mom, still we talk each other over phone. Mother always have impact on me, most of the people told me i am as like as my mom with her face appearance. She is a always a preety good woman to me, keep me her side instead of my guilty, protect me, teach me, love me, take care of me. Lots of memories we are sharing of our life when we met together and her face glowing with smile, and this smile gone fade when time to come return at my job place. Happy mothers day.

Thank you! Your mother is a very lucky soul! I hope you enjoyed your day with her!

Happy Mother's Day Denise !

Always love your flower photos, but I also love that long and winding road.

Thank you so much, El!!! You are so sweet and I adore you. xoxo I picked some just blooming peonies this morning. The house smells like a nursery! :)

It's always about the long and winding road of life, isn't it? Tell your mom Happy Mother's Day for me!!! xoxo


I was wondering a while ago if my pink peonie but is open, but it rained since I was out there last and I'm wondering too if it opened and got beat up ! I will check later.

Mine just popped but these are at the side of the house where I can't see them, so i cut them and enjoy them inside.

The others i leave. :))

I always cut at least one and bring it in, depending on how many bloom, but mine are beside the back deck and I can't see them from inside or the deck (unless looking down over the rail).... so I don't mind cutting a few. Mom has a lot though, so sometimes I bring a couple home from her house to have indoors. ha ha....

My one bush had 25 blooms on it, so I took ten of them inside. The three others are facing the street, so I allow them to stay. See how fair I am? I am all about exposure!❤️

.... because what's the point of nobody can see them ??? ! 😊

There were 15 big blooms on the bush nobody can see. I need to move it this year, I transplanted it from one of the other houses and it was winter, so I stuck it in where it would be close to the house and not freeze.

I will move it to a more visible spot after it blooms.

Yes, I think days like this are also reminder of our lost loved ones.
For me, this coming Father's Day will be a sad reminder.

I think you are right, Ace @ace108 I hope that Father's Day will not be too hard. xo

I choose to celebrate her life instead.

My mother died in 1994 at age 80. I still miss her, but not as intensely as the first few years. She and I were good friends, and we had a lot of good times together.

How lucky you were. I am lucky too. Not everyone can say that about their moms. ❤

Your lovely tribute to your mother filled my mind of my mum and her little things and ways, her love and giving. My mum has been gone for nearly 11 years now and her memory still feels my being at different times and places.

I know time will pass, but, I cannot fathom her being gone so long. That almost breaks my heart. How cheated is her family. I know, this too shall pass. These feelings. Thank you for stopping by and your lovely words. ❤

Happy Mother's Day I am sure you would of got a real treat from your kids 👍

It is just morning here, but, I see packages and cards on my table! and flowers. How did they know?

Thank you so much for the wishes!! xo

And your wonderful day begins enjoy 😊

Thank you so much!

Your welcome @dswigle 😊

Happy Mother's day Denise much love. We should show love as much as we can.

Thank you so much for the wishes. I appreciate them and yes! Always show as much love as we can! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! xo

A mother is a mother for ever, one whom you share memories of much like myself, special times, little sayings still ring in my ears today.

Now you are a mother, loved with revere by your own, wishing you a belated Mothers Day Denise.

Never late when one wishes like these. ❤️ Oh, the memories, both ways. of my mother and of myself as a mother. It is true, my ear rang all day yesterday. xo Thank you so much for the wishes, Joan!

Have a amazing week ahead!

Have a fun week, sure the family had a great day together, I know we did 😉

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You're welcome @dswigle, that's with pleasure! Thanks for your great motivation 😊🌹 Happy buzzy week!!!

Hehehehe ! Indeed!

Oh so sad😰 though she is gone from this Earth but she will always be in your heart.

Happy mother's day to you and all the mothers in the marketfriday community you women are all great 🙏 I pray God keep you alive so you see your children's children.
Stay safe❤️

Thank you. That is so sweet. YOU stay safe too!!!

Happy mother's day 🏵️🏵️🏵️

Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the beer!

Amazing detail in that flower 🌸 nice capture

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Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer ! Much appreciated!