Can you Walk like a Bermudian?

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I decided to take you on a short little walk while I was visiting Bermuda. Located in the Western Atlantic, Bermuda is a tiny little island rich in cultural and colonial influences. It was surprising for me to learn that it is actually Britain's oldest colony, since 1609. The population is a mix of shipwrecked British and later, many more found their way here, plus a mix of different ethnicities from the shameful slave trades that brought them from Western Africa plus a smattering of American Indians, and also the Caribbean. It has evolved into a delightful culture of people, beautiful beaches, and a uniqueness that I have never been able to put my finger on. And yes, I love it. I do.


Bermuda is one of my favorite places to go to get away from it all. The beaches are pristine pieces of paradise, the people are so kind and generous, their nature is pure and genuine. I have traveled around the world to many places and yet, I still come back to this place in the middle of nowhere, to live for a little while. To be honest, it is easy to get to from the Washington, DC area, a mere hop away, even for a quick weekend. That weighs heavily, being easy to get to, but, whatever the reason, there is no bad season when it comes to Bermuda. Always warm and welcoming, how can you not love it?

What? Do you hear that? I think they may be calling me!!


The pink sand is a charming shade of beautiful, unbeknown to many that it is actually a million pieces of coral shattered to tiny pieces, married into the sand. Close your eyes to those thoughts and just enjoy the beauty. I took a close-up shot of the sand so you can see what I mean. When viewing it from a greater distance, it just carries a complexion of loveliness. The weather is perfect and the Bermudian charm allows me to breathe deeply and enjoy, putting the rest of my life on hold. For a moment or three.

Center Crest.png

Bermuda is an internally self-governing British overseas territory with a parliamentary government. Under its 1968 constitution, the British monarch, represented by the governor, is the head of state. In 1981, Bermuda became a British Dependent Territory as a result of the British Nationality Act 1981. It sounds complicated, but, basically, it's administered independently as a country. It is floating 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, in the US, all by its lonesome. Despite its location, don't be fooled by this archipelago of 120 islands as it has a true Caribbean soul, considering the Caribbean is 900 miles away. It surprised me that I could actually walk across the 22 miles long and one-mile-wide island, consisting of 120 islands, with eight of the largest connected by bridges. The stories about their past! The pirates, the ships sinking in the Bermuda Triangle. But, that is a post for another day. If you can't wait, see here


HMD Bermuda (Her/His Majesty's Dockyard, Bermuda) was the principal base of the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic between American independence and the Cold War. Bermuda had occupied a useful position astride the homeward leg taken by many European vessels from the New World since before its settlement by England in 1609. French privateers may have used the islands as a staging place for operations against Spanish galleons in the 16th century. Bermudian privateers certainly played a role in many British wars following settlement. Despite this, it was not until the loss of bases on most of the North American Atlantic seaboard (following US independence) threatened Britain's supremacy in the Western Atlantic that the island assumed great importance as a naval base (the attendant Bermuda Garrison of the British Army existed primarily to protect the naval base). In 1818 the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda officially replaced the Royal Naval Dockyard, Halifax as the British headquarters for the North America and West Indies Station.

Taken from a vantage point, this is the Royal Naval Dockyards in Bermuda. You may want to come back to it once you have finished the post so you can see how it is put together. In recent years, it has become quite the Artisan zone, from glass blowers to art galleries to a rum cake factory. And of course the marina, in case you want to buy a boat.

7ohP4GDMGPrUMp8dW6yuJTR9MKNu8P8DCXDU9qmmoV5b1YuyLmFA5wQaNHenjcDFktKh7EpzfPqFTZbntenWaF5sHWh7Uexq7UCX (1).png

This is part of the Royal Navy Dockyards, which housed one of Britain's largest fleet of Naval vessels. I am not sure if you can see these distinctive windows very well. Sometime in the 18th century, the casement window married up to the wall. I like the feel of walking the streets of history — at Royal Navy Dockyard,


A clash of cultures as this little island is where Britain meets Western Africa and the North American Indians. The mixtures make the island’s culture so different, charmingly so. Right down to the famous shorts that were fashioned after the British military uniform and worn by the locals. How can you not love them? source


Part of the renovating to accommodate their growing tourist industry, the twin clocktowers rise 100 feet overhead; one displays the current time, and the other tells you the day's high tide. Built in 1856, this impressive building was once the Royal Navy's warehouse. As you can see from the first pictures above, it is a major building taking up a block or three of real estate. It holds much of the retail space for the western end of the island.


In all honestly, the architectural pull was greater than the merchandise. I love the 3-foot walls and cobblestone floors. It is not a large mall, despite its size, and leans more towards an enclosed "strip mall" with many shops. It runs the gambit, from the high-end country club to bazaar trinkets for the tourists.


Ironically, the Dockyard Glassworks, a Glass Blowing Studio shares a building with the Bermuda Rum Cake Factory. They have all their glass blowing equipment and a small gallery so that you can watch as the items are being made. Colors were added to molten glass and then fashioned and shaped into a vase or another piece. The glassblowers make themselves available for you, demonstrating their skills, going through the entire process for you. Pieces are available in the same space. At the opposite end of the factory are the rum cakes. After sampling them all, I chose the coconut one for my sister. They were incredibly divine.


This is some of the equipment used to heat, blow and design pieces. They truly make such unique pieces of beauty as you can see in the above shot.


Cuban cigars are now legal in the United States since 2016. You can bring them into the United States from abroad, but you may not sell them within our borders. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. They are a highly coveted item here in the States.


The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is a Restoration Gothic-style Anglican church. It is built from native Bermudian limestone and decorative caen stone imported from France. It is a taxing 155 steps to the clock tower where you get a stunning view as far as the Great Sound of Bermuda and even the Royal Naval Dockyard. Oh, yes. 155 steps. I counted them - at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Hamilton, Bermuda


Doors to the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Hamilton, Bermuda - These distinctive doors are Early English style. This lovely Anglican Cathedral dominates the skyline, eye-catching with its architecture as a stunning standing out in a sea of pastel-colored houses. A beautiful sight as you wander the streets of Hamilton. Don't forget to peek inside at the stunning stained glass.


All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.





they set my aunts house on fire
i cried the way women on tv do
folding at the middle
like a five pound note.
i called the boy who use to love me
tried to ‘okay’ my voice
i said hello
he said warsan, what’s wrong, what’s happened?
i’ve been praying,
and these are what my prayers look like;
dear god
i come from two countries
one is thirsty
the other is on fire
both need water.
later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered,
"where does it hurt?"
it answered,

warsan shire

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If I hit the lottery, I would love to go. However that will be rough as I have not bought a ticket in a year now lol.

Perhaps I am best served seeing a bit more of this fine land. Not to mention I have enough chores and projects to last me 2 lifetimes more at this point.

I am hearing the sea calling you. I believe you can sail as soon as July perhaps. I will greet you an early bon voyage!

If I hit the lottery, I would love to go. However that will be rough as I have not bought a ticket in a year now lol.

I do not even buy lottery tickets, but cryptocurrencies are similar to lottery. Actually they are much better than lottery. You have a much better chance to win with crypto than with lottery. By the way, I would also gladly visit Bermuda, if I would have the necessary/required money for it.

I believe July is the correct date I shared with you, however, I won't be cruising anytime soon. My agenda is back on the National Parks, all over again. I am sure I will be seeing them with different eyes than I did the first time. I have always loved the Bryce Canyon/Antelope Valley or hiking on sandstone ledges, like Angels Landing. Yikes. That is one scary hike, maybe I will take it down a notch and stay away from Angels Landing. They don't call it that for nothing.

I kid of course. I am no mountain goat and I'm pretty sure my climbing shoes haven't been put on my feet since Colorado, so I will be feeling more grounded without them. ;))

Thanks for the early greetings, sending me off. An early good-bye to you!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the notification. :))

Probably many can't get to Bermuda for all sorts of reasons but I think everyone can have their own "Bermuda". I was in Bermuda because of you (meaning I saw with your own eyes and your camera) and thank you for that!
I think you should have posted from the Haveyoubeenhere community, this is a perfect post for that place.

I will eventually, but, have not joined yet. I guess many of these travel posts are what dreams are made of. I love going to Greece or the Black Sea with you, it is something many long for. I hope you had a good time there, it is one of those places that I think is beautiful and peaceful.

I sometimes wonder if too much tourism spoils it. I think it would be fine if most tourists respect the local people, customs and leaving things just the way they found them.

I hope you had a good time. :))

What I wanted to say is that your post is a classic, from the point of view of this community and I can tell you that you can read many interesting things there.
On the other hand, I share with you the same understanding and desire when it comes to tourism.

Thanks, Dan @bluemoon I assumed we shared that same ideal.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Thank you! I hope, it is a week of rest after Easter, tomorrow I make the second vaccine against Covid and who knows what will be ...

Drink plenty of water before you go and after you get home. Stay hydrated! I would say to take ibuprofen to negate the sore arm... I'll be thinking of you! Good luck!

Thank you very much! That's what I'll do.

Good luck!

That looks like an interesting visit! We went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas a few years ago. It's quite a bit further south and the resort was like a giant waterpark with slides and a giant lazy river. Definitely fun, but I'm more into the snorkeling and beach which it had as well.

Will definitely have to put this on the todo list one day!

I love the Bahamas, but lately (before the pandemic) it started having a crime problem, which is a problem for me. Not in the resorts, but, I like to step away and snorkel and dive. They have done a great job in creating a presence, preventing petty crime downtown.

My guess is Mother Nature and her horrific weather in the last couple of years has caused a lot of financial stress on the people, which is too bad in an already devastated area.

I do know of the giant waterpark and although it is fun, I would give it up in a heartbeat for a coral reef and a snorkel. You need to try Bermuda! No waterpark but fun beaches with that famous pink sand. :))

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday!


Same here on preferring the beach and snorkel. We also went to Jamaica a few years ago. That was really nice, but like Bermuda, have to be very careful if you go off-resort.

On that trip we got to go out on a catamaran to the reef, snorkel, have lunch at Margaritaville, and catamaran back. The reef there was awesome.

That was really nice, but like Bermuda, have to be very careful if you go off-resort.

You know I said Bahama's right? The organized trips are always fine, and I have been to the less crowded side of the island, but, downtown Nassau, once you get out of the pedestrian area, has become sketchy to walk around. Same as Jamaica. The last time I was there, I had people in my face the entire time. That just feels wrong. :(

You can walk safely anywhere in Bermuda without worrying about anyone accosting you for anything.

But, I am sure we have tons of places like that in our cities here. I admit I have always had a great time, but, I have seen some older people get accosted to the point of them being uncomfortable.

Ahh, I did mis-read your post as Bermuda instead of Bahamas.. That sounds much nicer if still the same!

It has been like that since I was a kid, plus, the bigger factor is there is a different economic makeup of the island. The best reefs ever in close proximity to us?


Such a lovely place with the beach, pink colour sand, and its have some importance with the historic side, all of these that shows in photos are very beautiful.

Thank you! It is true, I do love the pink beach. It is different than most beaches.
It was fascinating to see what really causes the sand to be pink.
I would have never guessed.

Altogether, it is a pretty little island with wonderful people.
I hope you enjoyed your time!

That old 80's song "Walk Like An Egyptian" started looping through my head when I read your title. : ) It looks like a gorgeous place! The photos remind me a lot of St. Thomas.

Hey you!!! It sure does, doesn't it? I may or may not have been listening to it last night. :))

Not only is it gorgeous, but, it doesn't have that touristy feel that most of the Caribbean Islands have, although I do like St. Thomas.
I mean, seriously, what is not to love? You can easily move about there and I fly in and out, but, have cruised there. A big bonus is that the cruise ships stay for three days there. So basically, it is a hotel to come and go as you please with 5-star meals plus.... It can be nice if you need to decompress.

Every island has something special to offer.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words!

I think we'll have to try Bermuda. A few people I know say they don't like St. Thomas because it's too "gritty" but that's an aspect of it we enjoy. There's a vibrant local culture, not just tourism. St. John is beautiful but has a completely different feel, almost like a gated community, homogenous.

Thanks for the gorgeous photos!

You are absolutely correct! I cannot believe that 98% of people never walk into the culture. It's not in the tourist spots, perhaps a touch of what it is like, but, if you want to really meet the culture, you have to walk into their world. I have been fascinated by it. We are the ones that have spoiled the culture with our tourism and cruise ships. :) Although, it does bring money to the island, many times the people of the island don't see the benefits. Many of those companies are not from there and don't spend the money there.

Each and every country down there has a different flavor and the vibe always invites a happy, vibrant feeling. In Curacao, we had a congo line all through the downtown. It was so fun!!

If they want gritty, Haiti is truly what they are looking for.

I agree with your St. John accessment. That is truly what they want. :))

What an awesoem post, I would love to visit there someday, Not likely I will but will dream that it may come to be

Stranger things have happened. I realize why you probably won't go, but, all of the places you have been!! It must be amazing to live inside your head.

I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday, the weather should be in the summertime range today.

I was just thinking how Bermuda is only 22 miles long and how we could walk across it on a good day!! :))

Never say never
And trust me you don’t want to be in my head lol
Have a super Sunday

I absolutely never say never!! It bites me every time!

I am sure it is a scary place! :)) Probably pretty interesting though...

Thank you! You too!

Ohh yes
I hope your Sunday is going well

YES!!! My duck eggs hatched!

Wow really that’s so cool

:)) I miss the duck walk to the pond across the street!!! She did it when I wasn't looking ! How dare she!

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Twice is nice! Thank you! :))

Sorry about that @dswigle , we're looking into what the issue is. I'm just getting a bit too excited nowadays and want to talk to more people 🍍 😆

Haha! It's no problem!! Yes!! More people sounds just about right.

That is such a wonderful place and so far I know about Bermuda is like a small island about whom I know through cricket match but also very old one and very beautiful places it has. I like that beach as such a wonderful and calm looking. It's not a bad place for travel. There are many places still unknown in world who are small but not know much about it and good place for visit.

There really are! They do play cricket there! The locals are very British although very far from Britain. The world holds many wonderful places that I have yet to discover!

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Thank you! You people are the best!

That is one part of the world I haven't been to it looks amazing blue waters, blue sky you got me 🌞

After Vietnam and Thailand, I would call it calm. It doesn't have the adrenaline rush of Asia, but, there is a sense of peace all of its own, and some days, that is exactly what is needed.

I hope you are having a fabulous day. I jut realized it is Monday there, not Sunday. :))

This is true but then you can always escape to many of the remote islands of Thailand or Vietnam but I know what you mean would be better just to have that quite environment all round for a change.

And now it's Monday night over this side of the planet and Monday morning for you so good morning @dswigle and have a lovely Monday 😊

Thanks! I agree with you! Thailand and Vietnam are stunning!!! Too bad for me they are far.
I need a planned trip for both of those, whereas Bermuda, I can do a random weekend if I want.

But, I agree. Same/same

Yep it would be a long hike for you from America definitely needs to be a planned trip but hey Bermuda, you are so lucky a skip and an hope you are there sun tanning 🌞

Yes!!! And lucky for me, inexpensive to fly or even take a cruise ship, there is one only an hour away!

That is so cool you would wish Vietnam and Thailand was that easy 😜

Haha! Yes!!

I love your photos and descriptions. Very informative and beautiful. Now I feel like I really need to go there... They should be paying you for this! :-)

Thanks, Keith. I think you should go there. A haven for your laid-back, hippie self. :))

Maybe soon! :-)

Its very fantastic place where assume as British colony with their culture and others, architecture, dockyard, specially the shorts with shoe in full socks. The colourful glass and its making amazing.

Can you Walk like a Bermudian?

If that means to travel to Bermuda, then I cannot, because I cannot afford to travel to Bermuda.
Nowadays I live in financial discrimination (approximately on a $250 USD per month pension-like income), so I am poor.
Nowadays I also work in a 4 hours part-time job, but my total income is still very low, which means that it still not reaches even the minimum wage, which is approximately $550 USD.

I am sorry, but, I am not sure what I can do about your situation. While I think it impossible to live that way, I have no power to change it.

The blockchain technology and the community has the power to change that. Not just/only for me, but for many other people currently living in poverty. This thing could be literally life changing for many people.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 55 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!