Beach Combing and Print Making | An Update on the Quail

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Let's hit the beach and get some treasures

shall we? We can get some flotsam and jetsam and use them on the Gelli Plate to make some fun printmaking for backgrounds for my digital drawings and paintings.

We'll check up on the quail as well

as the little darlings are growing fast. They are in their new house but I hope to make a nice big Victorian inspired home for them once it gets cooler!

My youtube/3speak video journey continues

and though it has added SO MUCH more work to each day, it is also forcing me to get MORE done because of that, it seems to be working so far I suppose.

I hope all are having a good and creative day and I'll see you around. Like Share and Subscribe if you like.

Donna Davis is an Artist who is making over the family home sat on three acres on the Sea on Cape Cod. Trying to Live small in the big house to focus on creativity and accomplishment , why not join us for a cup of tea and a chin wag on the terrace. We'll go beach combing, scour our wood or gardening by the sea all to garner inspiration to live a creative life.


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If you do have the time to make a Victorian inspired house for the quail I would love to see it 😆

Glad having more things to do seems to make you do more, the only thing that got me being able to do more was to do less 😆

That was really just fun! Thank you for it!

I love that you use such a wide array of technique in your art. I'm trying to imagine how those sheets you made today will work into backgrounds, and looking forward to see where this goes.