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It's Floral Friday again so let's make a very simple flower arrangement that will lift our mood.

Feeling down or blue due to the lockdown or life? Grab some plants, flowers, twigs, anything and make an act of feeling better. Come along as I try, anyway.

I've been a bit peevish and blue this week.

I'm uncertain if it's the lockdown in my country (usa) or just that time of year, Summer's end.

In my hopes to STICK with a schedule,

I'm lifting my spirits with my Floral Friday. Having a set chore for video on a specific day actually really can turn a mood around.

I've been having a conversation with myself for some time

about if I should focus my video more intently possibly more on my art with my house and garden merely the occasional secondary player. It is a vast world, out there, in the video making for the interwebs, so it can leave you feeling a bit lost.

FOCUS needs to be my KEY word for the remainder of 2020



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Can’t say much about what you should focus on as I think I’ve previously mentioned that I had to cut down drastically because having so many things I wanted to do or try meant none of them were getting done well or at all 😅

Video editing can be pretty intense so if your art takes a while and you want to prioritise that you may need to see how many you can readily manage in a week or something. Backlogs also help if you’re feeling inspired enough to do extra some weeks 😜

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