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I have finally decided a sort of schedule and means to my 'video life'

that is my bit of 'living visually online' and that is my ATTEMPT to produce three videos a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and to focus on my art making and living small in our big house by the sea.

I am hoping, in each video, to share a bit of the joy round here,

like the sea view or walk in the garden or wood; then a bit of art making (I've been doing a bit more printmaking with my gelli plate which I am loving!) and then just a bit of a rambling visit with you about life in general.

I surely know that video making online is a long term investment.

We can make as much as we like and put it up, but whomever shows up is often the luck of the internet Gods, though thing like SEO and such help out, though I've not yet learned those secrets :)

I hope you'll enjoy today's video as I move my little desk

(again) but this time to make a sort of mini studio space in our dining room overlooking my terrace. I'm determined to hone a small bit our our space to make more time to be creative both video/art/blogging etc. I can 'pretend' I've only a small house to care for, mindlessly ignoring most of it, so I can focus.

Not sure it's the best plan but it is A PLAN and that is half the battle, no?

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Who I am and about my Videos:

Donna Davis is an Artist who is making over the family home sat on three acres on the Sea on Cape Cod. Trying to Live small in the big house to focus on creativity and accomplishment , why not join us for a cup of tea and a chin wag on the terrace. We'll go beach combing, scour our wood or gardening by the sea all to garner inspiration to live a creative life.

And if you also follow on Youtube here is my Youtube channel as well (not sue the protocol for that )

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I love that you share more of your art now, and your thoughts and plans about it. It really inspires me to do more :-)

Oh good @anafae I'm always trying to get myself more productive so why not share it and we can all feed off one another's energy, eh?

I think it is true that starting towards a plan is the good thing, even if you choose to change to another plan later. You will never know for sure how it will work till you try it.

I like the idea of bringing home, so to speak, an area for things you miss. It certainly boosts creativity to be around things and areas that make you happy.

It is helpful @jacey.boldart to have some of the things we miss now, like cafe life, at home. It's not completely the same, but it can be a new fun way to try it.