Let's sing and play!

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Dear music and guitar lovers

This is an old video from my YouTube collection. I'm playing my guitar and singing in the video. Don't forget to play or just listen to your favourite music!

Please feel free to leave a message and thank you for watching!



Chi sente?
E chi mo canta appriesso a me?
pe' tramente
s'affaccia 'a luna pe' vedé!
Pe' tutta 'sta marina
'a Pròceda a Resína,
se dice: "Guarda llá,
na femmena che fa!"

Maruzzella, Maruzzè'...
t'hê miso dint'a ll'uocchie 'o mare
e mm'hê miso 'mpiett'a me
nu dispiacere...
Stu core mme faje sbattere
cchiù forte 'e ll'onne
quanno 'o cielo è scuro...
Primma me dice "sí",
po', doce doce, mme faje murí...
Maruzzella, Maruzzé'...

Chi mm'ajuta?
Si tu nun viene a mm'ajutá?
mm'è venuta
na voglia ardente 'e te vasá.
E vieneténne oje bella...
e damme 'sta vucchella
ca, pe' mm'avvelená,
'e zùccaro se fa...

Maruzzella, Maruzzè'...

English translation

Maruzzella (nickname for Marisa in Neaples)

Who is listening?
And now who is singing with me
Hey, while
the moon is facing to see
Throughout this beach
in Procida and Resina
They say: Look
What a woman can do!

Maruzzella Maruzzé,
you put the sea into your eyes
and a regret
into my chest
You make my heart beat
stronger than the waves
when the sky is dark,
first you tell me yea,
then softly you let me die

Chorus: Maruzzella Maruzzé

Ho! Who can help me?
If you do not come to help me?
I've got a burning desire
to kiss you
Come here pretty one,
and give me your sweet little mouth
made of sugar
just to poison me!

Maruzzella Maruzzé ...

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