TWIN FLAMES by diosarich [Original Poetry]

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tidal flows and the beginnings of togetherness feels warm
our elbows rub that sends an electrifying sensation
you look at me and your eyes meet mine
momentary exchange of glances
I shiver and I see your sexy smile
intense moments of love we give without ever trying

so heady is the fragrance of your perfume
I gasped for air as it affects me
it lingers to my nostrils and leaves me breathless
you really know how to tickle my senses
through my soul, through this sense of intuition,
you are fond of teasing me with your impishness

we chase each other till we drop and roll to the ground
kissing each other till we lost our breath
nerves were trying to take over my body
the nearness of you sends a tingle of excitement on me
and your child-like playfulness makes me love you more
it is medicine delivered in the most divine way

no really dull moment when I am with you
your laughter flows through my veins and swirls in my head
I soared through the air like an eagle on an up-draft
we ascended together in a magical flight to the heavens
a breathtaking melody of orchestral exuberance
a shared journey that held spellbound in rapt silence

a soothing sound, dulcet tones creating a wordless melody
as if God put four-leaf clover in my pocket and whisper
a lyrics swim through my cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream
swells of power rose up in my throat to be spoken
wishing under skies of velvet cloud and acres of blue
and embraced you with the flutter of wild feelings

our bodies were reborn in its most perfect form
a sense that what is given is sacred and transient
our fate would have been written in different ink
without love, we would have never become complete
a heaven-sent and we are so grateful
a rare find, a one in a million of its kind

Original Poem by @diosarich

☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆ ☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆

☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆ ☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆


Galing talaga dear @diosarich

Ay, thanks sister! nakalimutan ko contest mo. may thunderstorm advisory kasi dito kanina tapos ang dilim kaya nagLogout ako.

Indeed, love is a whirlwind experience. It brings you to next level. Lol!

it will bring you to the nth cloud ...hehehehe

Whoa! So in LOVE! Type ko yong...
"the nearness of you sends a tingle of excitement on me" @diosarich...

Diba, it electrifies? 😉