PREMONITION by diosarich [Original Poetry]

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suffocating, with the dark clouds pressing in
compelling the point with a sudden flash of lightning
thunder rumbling like a hungry monster in split seconds
the sky seems threatening dark and heady
something so mysterious and so terrifying

the roaring sound of the wind, somewhat tornado to my ears
like deafening thunder that clothed me
I hear my heart's rhythm to the music that is unfamiliar
scared as if I was engulfed by a giant sea of waters
I cannot discern what am going through

I turn my head and run as I could
running till I arrived at a crossroads
seeing men, women, and children
laying in a wet pave way
robe in sky blue garments

dead bodies on the sidewalk
they are weeping but I hear no sound
a tingle in my spine runs through my fingers and toes
it passes through me like a warm ocean wave
fear is as ubiquitous as sunlight

as I walk farther, a girl in a yellow outfit
braided hair with yellow ribbons
riding in a yellow car
gleefully waving the crowd
oblivious to her surroundings

I am a spectator of a world unknown to me
groping in the dark, feeling alienated
an eerie hunch that I am being watched
a horrific image covered my mind
hearing whispering shadows at a distance

it seemed as if this was the end of the road for me
trying to move but a heavy thing plunging on my chest
I violently pushed it away till I freed myself
hastily, I left the area, I woke up trembling
petrified and gasping for my breath

Original Poetry by @diosarich

☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆ ☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆

☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆ ☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆


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This is like a roaring thunder to my ears!

What if you had that vision? What will you do when you realize that it was real?

Napakaganda ng nilalaman at maganda ang larawan.Mabuhay ang #pilipino sa #hive.

Salamat at ganun din sa pagdalaw sa aking artikulo. Mabuhay ang #pilipino sa #hive!

Wow! As I read my heart pounding fast, too!!@diosarich

Actually it was really my dream before Haiyan and other calamities unfolded.

It will be the end of my hope until someone will hold me and bring me to light. Wahahaha

No, you do not need a human being to bring you to the light. Just hold the silver cord and you will be brought back to life 😉

Nice pics and poetry.

great poetry there it goes to my heart. Outstanding visual effect.

Thank you @coolarth. I always appreciate your support.