PARADISE by diosarich [Original Poetry]

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a fine day, dancing calla lilies and the new buds of spring
rich soil for the harvest and the sweet spring rain
warming up softly brings the best to the heart and soul
blesses the skies with more of our winged brethren
the joy of new life wear colors as bold as any festival

the brightness of a fresh page in the summer sun
the sort of brightness that kindled beautifully within
to sing the sanity of love until one in a chorus
stirred a connection with nature around
the soul was so vibrant it began to merge

the tune dancing in the same way of musky fragrance
bringing a wave of sweet earthly joy
the birds chattered in the trees
a few stratus clouds toward the ocean
and the warmth of the brilliant rays of the sun

see nature without the haze of discontent
the naked eye open to the beauty of this reality
we are so blessed to share our planet with
life is eternal, this is paradise, perpetual, awesome
my heart yearns for this, a treasured wish

the light playing peek-a-boo through the moving leaves
the flower-perfumed air was alive with the song of birds
the canopy above is distant, like clouds of green
watching the freshly fallen rain seep into the soil
I feel the breath of God and hear the beauty of His creations

this is really paradise, it's always been
it made me breathe when I didn't want to
unlocked doors inside of me that I tried to keep shut
I listen to those words of peace and harmony
feel the inner core that made for me, I am rooted in God's image

Original Poetry by diosarich

☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆ ☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆

☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆ ☆・:˜"°•ڰۣڿ♥ڰۣڿ•°"˜・:・゚☆