Porky Dinner

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
I still get off work at 4.30 pm recently so when i get off from work it is always still to early to have dinner. Yesterday at around 5.30pm, i ordered my dinner and also mom's by a transportation app, again i tried something we had never had before...

Mom ordered rice with lapciong egg while me i tried the pork fried kweh tiao, it was 48,600 idr or around 3.27 usd for last night dinner.

Only took around 30 minutes to get it delivered...
Here it was

Mom's had perfect taste. They fried the egg correctly without much oil, it had savory flavour. The lapciong (sweet pork sausage) also tasted great, sweet and fresh.


Mine was just so-so. It had sunny side up egg which was savory and tasty. The kweh tiao tasted just light savory and sweet with some pork and fish ball.

So wanna try these porky menus too?
St. Porky - ITC Kuningan
you could reach it via transport app