Halloween Paper wreath - easy handmade how to

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Hello, friends!
Halloween is near so i tried to make a small paper wreath, a quick decor for the halloween.

Material and things needed:
origami paper (blue, orange, pink, white) 12x12 cm
for the background black origami 16x16cm
double sided tape
black and red permanent pen

How to do it was so easy, i tried to make the jack'o lantern first. Fold the orange paper into a triangle, fold again until it became a smaller triangle. Then open and fold to become a square. Fold up.

Then fold down like in the picture. Turn back, do the same for the other side. Last, fold all for sides to the back. I also make another blue jack'o lantern.

For the witch hat was so simple. Cut pink origami into 4 equal squares. Fold and fold until you find to diagonal lines. Then fold to the center from the left and right, fold it up.

Turn it back then paste with the double sided tape on the jack'o lantern. Last, complete with the face using black permanent pen.

Now, make the ghost like below. I used yellow origami cause i don't have white paper, i used the back of it which coloured white. The first step is fold the paper into a triangle then the bottom to the center also. Then fold like on the picture.

Finished then draw the face, i also make the other ghost with a different side of back. Draw the eyes and mouth using black permanent pen, while tongue with red permanent pen.

Last thing to do was only paste it on a piece of black origami paper. You could also modify it as you like. Voila, this was mine!

Hope you like it, happy early halloween!


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thank you

I love this origami. :-)
Big work...

thanks. welcoming you to try it too :) so easy and fast for the halloween decor